2017-03-23 Peter Liupdate tiload IOCTL master
2016-09-16 a0220410add CAL_DELTA_T support
2016-07-28 a0220410fix display bug
2016-07-18 a0220410use max volume for calibration process
2016-06-18 a0220410add close node after calibration done
2016-06-18 a0220410update firmware generation to FileOutputStream
2016-06-17 a0220410update the tas2555_cal.bin
2016-06-17 a0220410check fw data
2016-06-16 a0220410fix bug in parameter parsing
2016-06-15 a0220410update libTAS2555lib.so, when error happens, print...
2016-06-14 a0220410add 64bit so for arm64
2016-06-13 a0220410add for first commmit