Change Magic Number for kernel 4.19 support
[tas2557sw-android/tas2557-android-driver.git] / tas2557-core.c
2018-06-12 Tracy YiClass D edge rate control
2018-03-22 Tracy YiLoad config update
2018-03-21 Tracy YiLoad calibration when the first playback.
2018-01-29 Tracy YiIf thermal sensor wrong, mute output
2017-12-04 Tracy YiAdd retry for safe failure
2017-08-28 Peter Liupdate for non-irq case
2017-07-10 Peter Liadd support for multiple pll source for same sample...
2017-06-10 Peter Lifix bug in YRAM detection
2017-05-18 Peter Lifor thermal protection bypass configurations, bypass...
2017-04-28 Peter Liremove unused parameters
2017-04-28 Peter Limake clock-error-detection more robust
2017-04-28 Peter Liin case of loading coefficient before power up, we...
2017-04-27 Peter Lifix bug : 1. when device power down, switch configurati...
2017-04-27 Peter Lifix bug : when reading coefficient from calibration...
2017-04-17 Peter Liupdate: clock error detection, calibration_re reading,
2017-03-30 Peter Liupdate for ESD recovery test
2017-03-26 Peter Li1. IRQ use Level trigger
2017-03-17 Peter Li1. add lock in IRQ service and timer function
2017-03-08 Peter Limerge updates from TAS2557 dual mono
2017-01-16 Peter Liupdate for calibration load
2016-12-26 a0220410remove unnecessary setting which has been included...
2016-12-20 a0220410add mix command for set channel
2016-12-18 a0220410make channel selection
2016-12-15 a0220410add channel
2016-12-02 a0220410fix typo error
2016-11-26 a0220410fix typo error
2016-11-26 a0220410first release