descriptionAndroid software for Texas Instruments TAS2557.
last changeFri, 9 Nov 2018 09:30:05 +0000 (17:30 +0800)
2018-11-09 Tracy YiReload FW after i2c recover master
2018-10-27 Tracy YiFix warnings in some code scan
2018-09-05 Tracy YiReload firmware before power on if failed in probe
2018-07-19 Tracy YiCorrect typo
2018-07-10 Tracy YiCorrect a typo
2018-07-04 Tracy YiIf thermal sensor wrong, mute output. Correct the previ...
2018-06-13 Tracy YiChange Magic Number for kernel 4.19 support
2018-06-12 Tracy YiClass D edge rate control
2018-06-05 Tracy YiUpdate degree of low temperature protection
2018-05-25 Tracy YiAdd support for kernel 4.3-4.9
2018-03-22 Tracy YiLoad config update
2018-03-21 Tracy YiLoad calibration when the first playback.
2018-01-29 Tracy YiIf thermal sensor wrong, mute output
2017-12-04 Tracy YiAdd retry for safe failure
2017-08-28 Peter Liupdate for non-irq case
2017-07-10 Peter Liadd support for multiple pll source for same sample...
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