2018-10-15 Tracy YiLoad calibration in the first playback master
2018-05-10 Tracy YiAdd support for ASI2 with IV data
2018-04-08 Tracy YiFix compile error in kernel 4.3
2018-03-20 Tracy YiAdd 3 times retry for safe guard failure
2017-07-10 Peter Lidriver v4.0, support multiple sources for same sample...
2017-06-10 Peter Lifix bug in YRAM detection
2017-05-18 Peter Lisince set_calibration uses LoadConfigPrePowerUp, it...
2017-05-18 Peter Lisupport bypass calibration Re for "thermal protection...
2017-05-16 Peter Lifix bug : when system is suspended, we shouldn't access...
2017-05-05 Peter Liupdate:
2017-04-28 Peter Liremove unused parameter
2017-04-28 Peter Liupdate : make the clock error detection more robust
2017-04-28 Peter Liin case of loading configuration before power up, we...
2017-04-27 Peter Liupdate error handling : TAS2557 pow status can be check...
2017-04-27 Peter Liadd support :
2017-04-27 Peter Lifix bug : reading coefficient from calibration firmware...
2017-04-27 Peter Lifix bug :
2017-04-20 Peter Liadd test mode
2017-04-20 Peter Liupdate broadcasting mode
2017-04-13 Peter Lifix bug in VBoost Voltage Configuration
2017-04-12 Peter Lifix bug : recover in DevA scenario, when switch to...
2017-04-12 Peter Liadd support VBoost always 5.6V
2017-04-11 Peter Liupdate for vboost voltage level control
2017-04-07 Peter Liupdate to use PLL as clock error detection 2
2017-04-06 Peter Liadd VBoost control support
2017-03-31 Peter Liadd Calibration Re read
2017-03-30 Peter Liupdate driver to support binary dump with cfgDevice...
2017-03-29 Peter Liremove unnecessary dts items
2017-03-29 Peter Licheck power status of DAC and Class D
2017-03-28 Peter Liuse timer to check IRQ flags too
2017-03-28 Peter Licheck IRQ pin status before finishing IRQ service routine
2017-03-25 Peter Likeep channel setup until set to default
2017-03-25 Peter Liadd channel control in SmartAmp mode
2017-03-24 Peter Liupdate for "mono case" support
2017-03-23 Peter Liupdate for clock error detection
2017-03-20 Peter Liupdate to support PPC3 TAS2557 app v3.0.2 release on...
2017-03-16 Peter Lifix code style
2017-03-16 Peter Liupdate : add lock to protect timer and IRQ work
2017-03-16 Peter Lifix typo error
2017-03-16 Peter Liupdate: 1, end-system tuning; 2, update coefficient...
2017-03-02 Peter Liupdate for low_temp gain set and channel swap for PG2.1
2017-03-01 Peter Liupdate coding format
2017-03-01 Peter Liupdate for functions
2017-02-22 Peter Lidisable clock error detection
2017-02-20 Peter Liupdate for recover ESD failure in IRQ handler
2017-02-14 Peter Liwait 100ms to get IRQ status
2017-02-10 Peter Liupdate : disable_IRQ and enable_IRQ should be in pair
2017-02-08 Peter Lifix alsa cmd "pwrctl"
2017-02-08 Peter Liupdate for IRQ configuration fix
2017-02-07 Peter Liupdate IRQ mode to "keep until clear"
2017-02-05 Peter Liadd CRC checksum
2017-02-03 Peter Li1. add echo reference control
2017-02-01 Peter Liadd channel swap command
2017-01-31 Peter Liadd PLL check before powering on TAS2557
2017-01-31 Peter Li1. fix bug : IRQ config
2017-01-21 Peter Liupdate example test code for FTC firmware load
2017-01-21 Peter Liupdate IRQ for dual interrupt pin
2017-01-17 Peter Liupdate for interrupt handling
2017-01-15 Peter Liupdate for code stype check
2017-01-12 Peter Licorrect version number error
2017-01-11 Peter Liupdate for parsing TAS2557 calibration firmware and...
2016-12-26 a0220410remove uncessary configurations which has been taken...
2016-12-25 a0220410update book/page/register to be unsigned char
2016-12-24 a0220410update for end-system tuning
2016-12-20 a0220410add reprogram for IRQ
2016-12-10 a0220410add IRQ handler
2016-12-06 a0220410fix typo error
2016-12-05 a0220410fix bug : device number for TAS2557-stereo is 3
2016-12-05 a0220410remove unnecessary
2016-12-05 a0220410first commit