2019-01-28 Tracy YiCorrect copyright information master
2017-05-02 Peter Liupdate FTClib v1.0.0.6, improve Re convergence time
2017-04-12 Peter Lisupport Re/DeltaT/F0/Q readout during normal music...
2017-04-07 Peter Liupdate v1.0.0.4, use PIG from ppc3 file
2017-03-31 Peter Liupdate v1.0.0.3, support calc Re with prm_r0
2017-03-17 Peter Liupdate to version v1.0.0.2 : add "restore original...
2017-03-08 Peter Liupdate for syntax checks
2017-03-01 Peter Lifix bug: release tiload too early
2017-02-28 Peter Liupdate library
2017-02-28 Peter Liupdate FTC for PG2.1
2017-02-23 Peter Liupdate build error library
2017-02-23 Peter Liremove dulplicate definition
2017-02-23 Peter Liprint out PGID and libversion
2017-02-23 Peter Liset PGID before FTC starts
2017-02-23 Peter Liupdate header file
2017-02-23 Peter Liupdate FTC to support PG2.1 and PG1.1
2017-02-22 Peter Liupdate for TAS2557 PG2.1 FTC
2017-01-12 Peter Liupdate configuration file parser and calibration firmwa...
2017-01-11 Peter Lifix type mismatch
2017-01-11 Peter Liupdate calibration firmware creation
2017-01-10 Peter Liupdate for Re boundary check and device index error
2017-01-09 Peter Liupdate the FTC of TAS2557 Dual Mono to support differen...
2017-01-07 Peter Liadd header file for static library
2017-01-07 Peter Liupdate for TAS2557 Dual Mono FTC