2018-07-06 Tracy YiMute output if thermal sensor is wrong master
2018-06-11 Tracy YiClass D output edge update to 29ns
2018-06-05 Tracy YiUpdate low temperature protection degree
2018-03-21 Tracy YiLoad calibration when the first playback.
2018-01-03 Tracy YiFix compile error and load config update
2017-11-30 Tracy YiAdd retry for safe failure
2017-11-14 Tracy YiFix IRQ cannot disable problem
2017-08-08 Peter Liupdate for 'non-IRQ' case, fix startup sequence
2017-07-10 Peter Liadd support for multiple sources for same sample rate
2017-06-21 Peter Lifix bug in TAS2559 YRAM checksum
2017-06-19 Peter Licorrect for DSP configuration
2017-06-19 Peter Liadd support for DSP controls Boost Level
2017-06-10 Peter Lifix bug in YRAM detection
2017-06-07 Peter Liset VBoost voltage to firmware default when disabling...
2017-06-07 Peter Liupdate to accomodate PPC3 TAS2559 app v3.0.6 beta3
2017-06-05 Peter Lihighlight the PPG gain
2017-06-04 Peter Liadd VBoost Always On control and VBoost voltage level...
2017-05-16 Peter Lifix bug: when system suspended, we shouldn't access...
2017-05-15 Peter Liuse msleep instead of mdelay, because mdelay may block...
2017-05-15 Peter Lioptimize the startup time (tas2559_enable)
2017-05-10 Peter Lisync with XM on 11st May 2017
2017-05-03 Peter Lihardcode TAS2560 bit rate to 16bits
2017-05-03 Peter Liupdate channel control
2017-05-03 Peter Liupdate after runing checkpatch.pl
2017-05-02 Peter Liadd device mute support
2017-04-28 Peter Limake clock error detection more robust
2017-04-28 Peter Liupdate :
2017-04-19 Peter Liupdate first release of TAS2559 + TAS2560 Android driver
2016-12-27 a02204101. update tiload for end-system integration
2016-12-13 a0220410fix typo error
2016-12-12 a0220410update for new kernel
2016-12-12 a0220410draft version