2018-12-17 Tracy YiFix irq register crash in some platform master
2018-06-06 Tracy YiAdd support for kernel 4.9
2018-03-21 Tracy YiAdd Haptics support
2018-01-03 Tracy YiIRQ disable retry if failed in sometime
2017-07-09 Peter Liupdate for IRQ handling
2017-06-29 Peter Lichange to 20ms delay
2017-06-03 Peter Liupdate power down sequence
2017-06-03 Peter Liadd IRQ service
2017-04-19 Peter Liupdate for enable clock error detection
2017-04-07 Peter Lidisable idle channel detection as clock error detection...
2017-03-31 Peter Liuse correct Q format 1.31 for PPG
2017-03-29 Peter Liadd PPG configuration
2017-02-27 Peter Liupdate for DOUT
2016-12-14 a0220410fix typo error
2016-12-02 a0220410update boost table for 8Ohm speaker
2016-12-01 a0220410add configuration for 8Ohm speaker
2016-11-12 a0220410update based on misc driver in H customer
2016-09-16 a0220410update for register updates
2016-09-09 a0220410use 30ms delay for powering down TAS2560
2016-09-09 a0220410remove the old ALSA driver, and 25ms delay after poweri...
2016-09-06 a0220410add support for new ALSA API support
2016-08-30 a0220410first commit for TAS2560 Android device driver