2020-05-29 Peeyush Gupta TDM Support Fix added master
2020-05-29 Peeyush Gupta TDM 4 channel support related Issues has been fixed
2020-05-18 Peeyush GuptaICN setting TAS2562_v1.3
2020-05-16 Peeyush Gupta TDM Mode support has been added
2020-05-13 Peeyush GuptaICN Setting change TAS2562_v1.2
2020-05-13 Peeyush GuptaSamsung LSI specfic TDM Clock Error Fix Integrated...
2020-02-06 Peeyush Guptaindentation problem fixed
2020-02-04 Peeyush Guptaextern added for sysfs node function
2020-02-04 Peeyush Guptacommon sysfs node of bigdata TAS2562_v1.1
2020-02-04 Peeyush Guptacheckpatch.pl error fixed
2020-01-29 Peeyush Gupta fixing build error when algo enabled TAS2562_v1.0
2020-01-28 Peeyush GuptaAlgo code is disabled by default
2020-01-28 Peeyush GuptaSamsung LSI support added
2020-01-28 Peeyush Gupta Smartamp.h for Samsung LSI Platform has been added
2020-01-28 Peeyush Guptasupport for Linux Kernel above 4.19 has been added
2020-01-28 Peeyush Gupta Added support for Samsung LSI Platform
2020-01-24 Mukund NavadaFix to calibration routine rounding function tas2562_Qualcomm_v1.3
2020-01-17 Mukund NavadaCalibration update. Files updated: dsp/smart_amp.h... tas2562_Qualcomm_v1.2
2019-12-19 Peeyush Guptavalidation flow changes tas2562_Qualcomm_v1.1
2019-12-14 Peeyush Guptareference changes added in dts.readme tas2562_Qualcomm_v1.0
2019-12-14 Peeyush Gupta ICN Enable/Disable Support has been added
2019-12-14 Peeyush Guptaremove old ICN Enable and Disable Patch which is discar...
2019-12-14 Peeyush Gupta support for dac mute has been added
2019-11-25 Peeyush GuptaICN Disabled by default
2019-11-25 Peeyush Gupta Master Branch is Maintained for Qualcomm Platform...
2019-11-06 Peeyush GuptaMerge branch 'Samsung-tas2562-driver-code'
2019-11-06 Peeyush Guptaresolving merge conflict
2019-11-06 Peeyush Guptaresolving merge conflict
2019-11-06 Peeyush Guptasync with git.ti.com Samsung Branch
2019-10-20 Peeyush Guptaputting a check before memcopy
2019-10-16 Peeyush Guptamake file changes to correct algo and calibration file...
2019-10-15 Peeyush Gupta Samsung calibration and big data changes has been...
2019-10-09 Peeyush Gupta patch for 8 bit IV sense for stereo mode
2019-10-09 wangws1. Fix Stereo-16bit IV Sense Incorrect. 2. Stereo-16bit...
2019-09-28 wangws1. Fix Stereo-16bit right channel no sound.
2019-09-03 GuptaMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/3' of git://git.ti...
2019-09-03 Niranjan H Ykeep the tx line in hiZ in stereo case 3
2019-09-03 GuptaMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/2' of git://git.ti...
2019-09-03 Niranjan H YRemove "if 0" and merged crash fix from Samsung for... 2
2019-09-02 wangwsMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/1' of git://git.ti...
2019-08-30 Niranjan H YFix "Amp Output Level" not working and fixed typos 1
2019-08-30 Niranjan H YFix "Amp Output Level" not working
2019-08-23 wangwsSamsung tas2526 driver code branch init.
2019-08-23 wangwsFix power control read issue.
2019-08-23 wangwsRemove useless code.
2019-08-23 wangws1. Fix IV sense incorrect for stereo. 2. Fix unbalanced...
2019-08-14 Tracy YiMerge branch 'master' of git://git.ti.com/tas256xsw...
2019-08-14 Tracy YiFixed dereference before null check.
2019-08-12 TS Shi FuFix interrupt issue and add the pm_ops
2019-08-09 Tracy YiChange log levels for mono configuration
2019-06-27 TS Shi FuMake the enable_irq more stable
2019-06-25 TS Shi FuDelete all the hrtimer and make enable_irq balanced
2019-05-18 Tracy YiFixed use of logical '&&' with constant operand.
2019-05-17 Tracy YiAdd SmartPA mute/unmute interface
2019-05-17 Tracy YiFixed errors and warnings of checkpatch.pl, and aligned...
2019-05-10 Tracy YiFix IV data in stereo mode, fix IRQ channel selection
2019-04-28 Tracy YiFix bug when right only playback, remove useless file
2019-04-28 Tracy YiFix IV config for stereo mode
2019-04-24 Tracy YiSeperate reset and IRQ of stereo, correct typo
2019-04-23 Tracy YiAdd driver ID
2019-04-22 Tracy Yitas2562 stereo/mono compatible driver initial release