2018-12-05 Tracy YiAdd power state initialization
2018-11-15 Tracy YiSupport bitwidth change in IV data
2018-07-25 Tracy YiAdd support to IRQ
2018-03-02 Tracy YiCorrect Amp Output Level range, and playback volume
2018-02-22 Tracy YiAdd regmap init and support of DAC volume
2018-02-14 Tracy YiAdd slot width setting
2018-02-09 Tracy YiAdd support for channel selection.
2018-02-04 Tracy YiCorrect format
2018-02-03 Tracy YiFix TDM configuration
2018-02-03 Tracy YiAdd IV data output, correct code style
2018-01-28 Tracy YiAdd support for multi format
2018-01-26 Tracy YiCorrect bug in register read
2018-01-18 Tracy YiAdd compliance for kernel 4.9
2018-01-17 Tracy YiInitial release