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2013-05-21 Luciano Coelhogrooming: rename chapter and add initial text
2013-05-15 Chase Maupinthe-sprint: removed section about sprint burndown
2013-05-15 Chase Maupinthe-sprint: update to focus on sprint and artifacts
2013-04-12 Chase Maupinthe-sprint: Add benefit of 2 week sprints
2013-04-12 Chase Maupinthe-sprint: fix typos and enhance readability
2013-04-11 Felipe Balbitamm: the-sprint: add missing section about Burndown...
2013-04-10 Felipe Balbitamm: the sprint: lots of improvements
2013-04-08 Felipe Balbitamm: also mention chapter about estimates
2013-04-08 Felipe Balbitamm: almost complete 'the sprint'
2013-04-04 Felipe Balbitamm: initial commit