2013-06-12 Chase Maupindefinition-of-done: update based on planning meetings
2013-06-03 Carlos HernandezUpdate testing chapter
2013-05-29 Carlos HernandezREADME: Document ubuntu install commands
2013-05-29 Carlos HernandezAdd Testing chapter
2013-05-22 Felipe Balbitamm: add a README
2013-05-21 Felipe Balbiintroduction: mention all chapters
2013-05-21 Felipe BalbiDoD: get rid of 'integrated'
2013-05-21 Felipe Balbimanual: rename the output file
2013-05-21 Felipe Balbiscope: add pointers to mailing list and github project
2013-05-21 Luciano Coelhogrooming: rename chapter and add initial text
2013-05-17 Felipe Balbitamm: remove some noise
2013-05-17 Felipe Balbitamm: add Luca as author
2013-05-17 Chase Maupinestimating: add paragraph about having a basic task
2013-05-15 Felipe Balbitamm: roles: discuss about the Functional Manager
2013-05-15 Felipe Balbitamm: roles: rename chapter
2013-05-15 Darren Etheridgetamm: terminology: add new terminology section
2013-05-15 Darren Etheridgetamm: meetings: add new meetings chapter
2013-05-15 Chase Maupinestimating: Add chapter details
2013-05-15 Chase Maupinthe-sprint: removed section about sprint burndown
2013-05-15 Chase Maupinthe-sprint: update to focus on sprint and artifacts
2013-05-09 Felipe Balbitamm: add Darren as author
2013-04-29 Chase Maupindefinition-of-done: Add integration requirement
2013-04-25 Felipe Balbidefinition-of-done: lots of misc improvements
2013-04-25 Felipe Balbidefinition-of-done: fix typos
2013-04-22 Chase Maupindefinition-of-done: Add initial definition
2013-04-12 Chase Maupinthe-sprint: Add benefit of 2 week sprints
2013-04-12 Chase Maupinthe-sprint: fix typos and enhance readability
2013-04-12 Felipe BalbiAdd Chase as author
2013-04-12 Chase Maupinroles-in-scrum: enhance the team role
2013-04-12 Chase Maupinintroduction: Add Scrum benefit
2013-04-12 Felipe BalbiMakefile improvements
2013-04-12 Felipe BalbiScrum: fix typo
2013-04-12 Chase Maupinroles-in-scrum: enhance ScrumMaster Role description
2013-04-12 Chase Maupinroles-in-scrum: enhance product owner role
2013-04-12 Chase Maupinroles-in-scrum: readability fixups
2013-04-12 Chase Maupinroles-in-scrum: Fix line length to 80 characters
2013-04-12 Chase Maupinscope: fix up readability
2013-04-12 Chase Maupinintroduction: fix typos
2013-04-11 Felipe Balbitamm: the-sprint: add missing section about Burndown...
2013-04-10 Felipe Balbitamm: the sprint: lots of improvements
2013-04-09 Felipe Balbitamm: add a chapter to give an overview about Scrum
2013-04-09 Felipe Balbitamm: no need for sections in Introduction
2013-04-09 Felipe Balbitamm: introduction should be part of mainmatter
2013-04-08 Felipe Balbitamm: introduction: remove bogus 'out'
2013-04-08 Matt Portertamm: add matt porter as an author
2013-04-08 Felipe Balbitamm: also mention chapter about estimates
2013-04-08 Felipe Balbitamm: fix pdftitle attribute
2013-04-08 Felipe Balbitamm: move Revision History and Introduction to frontmatter
2013-04-08 Felipe Balbitamm: add a .gitignore file
2013-04-08 Felipe Balbitamm: add a chapter about 'Estimating'
2013-04-08 Felipe Balbitamm: sections to 'Breaking Tasks'
2013-04-08 Felipe Balbitamm: scope: couple more paragraphs
2013-04-08 Felipe Balbitamm: finish our introduction
2013-04-08 Felipe Balbitamm: more text in 'roles in scrum'
2013-04-08 Felipe Balbitamm: another paragraph to 'scope'
2013-04-08 Felipe Balbitamm: almost complete 'the sprint'
2013-04-08 Felipe Balbitamm: add labels
2013-04-08 Felipe Balbitamm: add more packages
2013-04-08 Felipe Balbitamm: add list of pictures
2013-04-08 Felipe Balbitamm: switch to alpha bibliography style
2013-04-05 Felipe Balbitamm: rename main file
2013-04-04 Felipe Balbitamm: add some details about the Product Owner
2013-04-04 Felipe Balbitamm: initial commit