descriptionProject for various Bluetooth related git repositories - user space agent for the TI shared transport drivers.
last changeTue, 10 Mar 2015 15:10:44 +0000 (17:10 +0200)
2015-03-10 Eyal Reizeruim: add init.d start script master R8.5 R8.5_v3.18
2015-03-10 Roger Monkuim: Add command line args for passing sysfs node path
2011-02-01 Pavan Savoyuim: move from rfkill to sysfs
2011-01-04 Jonathan DE... Modified with Intel requirements for OBS build
2010-12-03 Jonathan DE... fix btsdio conflict when 2 hci interfaces are registered
2010-12-03 Jonathan DE... fix build warnings
2010-12-03 Jonathan DE... Added BD address setting support
2010-11-26 Jonathan DE... Temporary fix for handling state and rfkill events
2010-11-23 Jonathan DE... Updated with new version that removes module loading
2010-10-27 Jonathan DE... Modified COPYING license to GPLV2
2010-10-26 Jonathan DE... Enabling of autoconf build
2010-10-26 Jonathan DE... First UIM source commit
2010-10-26 Jonathan DE... Adding README
6 years ago R8.5_v3.18
6 years ago R8.5
6 years ago master