2015-08-05 Mohamed MansourChanging Makefile to compile MPI only when compiler... master DEV.TIGL.
2015-06-26 Mohamed Mansourupdating version number
2015-06-26 Mohamed Mansourversion number update
2015-06-25 Mohamed Mansournew version
2015-06-25 Mohamed MansourRemoved CMEM support and updated the documentation
2015-06-23 Mohamed Mansourupdated documentation after changing combiner and SSSP
2015-06-23 Mohamed Mansourupdating changelog after fixing tiglCombiner
2015-06-23 Mohamed MansourRevised the combiner for multiple messages and updated...
2015-05-15 Mohamed Mansourmakefile correction
2015-04-06 Mohamed MansourDebian folder modifications
2015-04-01 Mohamed Mansourbuild
2015-03-24 Mohamed Mansourbin directory
2015-03-23 Mohamed MansourRelease 1.00.00
2015-03-18 Mohamed Mansourcorrection in build header
2015-03-18 Mohamed Mansour Prerelease 1.00.00
2015-03-18 Mohamed MansourTIGL Release 1.00.00