descriptionThis repo contains a Linux kernel that has been integrated with outstanding
last changeWed, 18 Oct 2017 07:20:43 +0000 (09:20 +0200)
2017-10-18 Greg Kroah... Linux 4.4.93 master v4.4.93
2017-10-18 Mathias Krausex86/alternatives: Fix alt_max_short macro to really...
2017-10-18 Johan HovoldUSB: serial: console: fix use-after-free after failed...
2017-10-18 Shrirang BagulUSB: serial: qcserial: add Dell DW5818, DW5819
2017-10-18 Henryk HeisigUSB: serial: option: add support for TP-Link LTE module
2017-10-18 Andreas EngelUSB: serial: cp210x: add support for ELV TFD500
2017-10-18 Jeffrey ChuUSB: serial: ftdi_sio: add id for Cypress WICED dev...
2017-10-18 Vitaly Mayatskikhfix unbalanced page refcounting in bio_map_user_iov
2017-10-18 Andreas Gruenbacherdirect-io: Prevent NULL pointer access in submit_page_s...
2017-10-18 Andrew Gabbasovusb: gadget: composite: Fix use-after-free in usb_compo...
2017-10-18 Takashi IwaiALSA: line6: Fix leftover URB at error-path during...
2017-10-18 Takashi IwaiALSA: caiaq: Fix stray URB at probe error path
2017-10-18 Takashi IwaiALSA: seq: Fix copy_from_user() call inside lock
2017-10-18 Takashi IwaiALSA: seq: Fix use-after-free at creating a port
2017-10-18 Takashi IwaiALSA: usb-audio: Kill stray URB at exiting
2017-10-18 Joerg Roedeliommu/amd: Finish TLB flush in amd_iommu_unmap()
8 hours ago v5.12-rc7 Linux 5.12-rc7
43 hours ago v5.4.111 This is the 5.4.111 stable release
43 hours ago v4.19.186 This is the 4.19.186 stable release
43 hours ago v4.14.230 This is the 4.14.230 stable release
43 hours ago v4.9.266 This is the 4.9.266 stable release
43 hours ago v4.4.266 This is the 4.4.266 stable release
4 days ago v5.4.110 This is the 5.4.110 stable release
4 days ago v4.19.185 This is the 4.19.185 stable release
4 days ago v4.14.229 This is the 4.14.229 stable release
4 days ago v4.9.265 This is the 4.9.265 stable release
4 days ago v4.4.265 This is the 4.4.265 stable release
5 days ago Release
6 days ago Release
7 days ago v5.12-rc6 Linux 5.12-rc6
12 days ago v4.4.264 This is the 4.4.264 stable release
12 days ago v4.9.264 This is the 4.9.264 stable release
8 hours ago linux-master
43 hours ago linux-5.4.y
43 hours ago linux-4.19.y
43 hours ago linux-4.14.y
43 hours ago linux-4.9.y
43 hours ago linux-4.4.y
2 days ago ti-rt-linux-5.10.y
2 days ago ti-linux-5.10.y
6 days ago ti-rt-linux-5.4.y
13 days ago ti-linux-5.4.y
3 months ago ti-android-linux-4.14.y
3 months ago ti-android-linux-4.19.y
5 months ago am6-abi-ti-linux-4.19.y
9 months ago ti-android-linux-5.4.y
14 months ago ti-rt-linux-4.19.y
14 months ago ti-linux-4.19.y