Add testignore
[ti-machine-learning/ti-machine-learning.git] / build /
2015-05-27 Chenchi LuoAdd testignore master v01.00.02.04
2015-05-26 Chenchi LuoFix CIFAR 10 Testing example.
2015-05-26 Chenchi Luoupdate the CIFAR10 testing examples to use sample images
2015-05-26 Chenchi LuoInclude files in the dsp folder
2015-05-21 Chenchi Luoupdate the version number
2015-05-21 Chenchi Luo1. Enable network state write/read
2015-05-19 Chenchi Luocross compilation fix
2015-05-01 Chenchi Luo1. debian/control - use ti-linalg instead of libblas-dev
2015-03-26 Chenchi Luoadd a makefile wrapper at /build/build_app that will...
2015-03-24 Chenchi Luomodified
2015-03-20 Eric Luoinitial release