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2019-09-16 Yuan ZhaoMerge branch 'hotfix/v01.03.02' v01.03.02
2019-09-16 Yuan ZhaoFix min OpenCL version to
2019-09-16 Jianzhong XuAdded double quotes "" to input data file
2019-09-16 Jianzhong XuPLSDK-2956: add MobileNetV2 model (.bin files) and...
2019-09-13 Yuan ZhaoFix classification example for tensorflow models
2019-09-12 Jianzhong XuPLSDK-2986: Calibrate TIDL models for TF with correct...
2019-09-09 Yuan ZhaoStart hotfix v01.03.02
2019-09-06 Yuan ZhaoMerge branch 'release/v01.03.01' v01.03.01
2019-09-05 Yuan ZhaoMore example sizes adjustment with new TIDL lib
2019-09-03 Yuan ZhaoUpdate changelog for version 1.3.1
2019-09-03 Yuan ZhaoUpdate TIDL-API manifest for version 1.3.1
2019-09-03 Yuan ZhaoUpdate squeeze net reference output
2019-08-30 Jianzhong XuPLSDK-2986: update TIDL models for mobilenetV1, incepti...
2019-08-30 Yuan ZhaoAdjust example heap sizes with new TIDL library
2019-08-28 Yuan ZhaoPrint out imagenet object index in imagenet example
2019-08-27 Yuan ZhaoControl heap size and alloc opt using env vars
2019-08-26 Yuan ZhaoChange develop version to 1.3.1 for patch release
2019-07-28 Yuan ZhaoUpdate network binary in TIDL-API to new format
2019-06-28 Yuan ZhaoAdd ssd_multibox_fullnet example
2019-06-25 Yuan ZhaoDump dataQ/minValue/maxValue for TIDL trace
2019-06-20 Yuan ZhaoFix g++ 8.3.0 compilation error
2019-06-14 Yuan ZhaoAdd imagenet python example
2019-06-10 Yuan ZhaoFix unique_ptr that holds an allocated array
2019-03-13 Yuan ZhaoUse DSP Built-in Kernels in TIDL-API
2019-03-04 Yuan ZhaoMerge tag 'v01.03.00' into develop
2019-03-04 Yuan ZhaoMerge branch 'release/v01.03.00' v01.03.00
2019-03-04 Yuan ZhaoUpdate TIDL network data structure
2019-03-04 Djordje Senicic[segmentation] Add video clip autorewind
2019-03-04 Djordje Senicic[segmentation] Add sample clip with traffic scenes...
2019-03-01 Yuan ZhaoUpdate documentation for TIDL-API 1.3.0
2019-03-01 Yuan ZhaoClean up ssd_multibox changes
2019-02-28 Djordje Senicic[ssd_multibox] Addressing review comments
2019-02-28 Yuan ZhaoBump develop branch version to 1.4.0
2019-02-28 Djordje SenicicPLSDK-2597
2018-12-28 Yuan ZhaoEnable DSP out-of-order execution in TIDL-API
2018-12-19 Yuan ZhaoEnable MNIST example on DSP
2018-12-12 Ajay JayarajMerge tag 'v01.02.02' into develop
2018-12-12 Ajay JayarajMerge branch 'hotfix/v01.02.02' v01.02.02
2018-12-11 Yuan ZhaoFix memory leak in classification example
2018-12-07 Djordje Senicicclassification: Modify configuration structure to runFu...
2018-12-07 Ajay JayarajUpdated patch version to 2 (TIDL API 1.2.2)
2018-12-06 Ajay JayarajMerge tag 'v01.02.01' into develop
2018-12-06 Ajay JayarajMerge branch 'hotfix/v01.02.01' v01.02.01
2018-12-06 Ajay Jayarajtidl-viewer: Remove executor.h inclusion in utils.cpp
2018-11-28 Ajay JayarajMerge tag 'v01.02.00' into develop
2018-11-28 Ajay JayarajMerge branch 'release/v01.02.00' v01.02.00
2018-11-28 Yuan ZhaoAdd jdetnet_voc network and make it the default
2018-11-27 Yuan ZhaoUpdate imagenet example with new softmax output
2018-11-27 Ajay JayarajAdded Python variant of mnist example
2018-11-27 Yuan ZhaoAdd link in changelog for mnist example
2018-11-27 Yuan ZhaoAdd MNIST LeNet network model and test input
2018-11-27 Yuan ZhaoAdd mnist example with low compute
2018-11-26 Ajay JayarajUpdate reference output for unit tests
2018-11-15 Ajay JayarajDocumentation - update 'Using the API' chapter
2018-11-15 Ajay JayarajInitialize EO::current_frame_idx_m in constructor
2018-11-14 Ajay JayarajUpdated version on develop to 1.3.0
2018-11-13 Ajay JayarajUpdated parameter description in doxygen comments
2018-11-07 Ajay JayarajBuild Python bindings library by default
2018-11-01 Ajay JayarajUpdated manifest for v1.2.0
2018-11-01 Yuan ZhaoAdd option to specify object classes list file
2018-11-01 Djordje Senicicmcbench: image preprocessing, handle layergroups=1
2018-11-01 Djordje Senicicclassification: Support different network models
2018-11-01 Djordje Senicicinfer: Add configuration files for inceptionnet and...
2018-11-01 Djordje Senicictidl_models: Add mobilenet and inceptionnet models...
2018-11-01 Djordje Senicicmcbench: Multicore benchmark with minimal overhead
2018-11-01 Djordje Senicicexamples: Add layers group command line parameter
2018-10-31 Ajay JayarajUpdated Python bindings to reflect API changes
2018-10-30 Yuan ZhaoAdd contextSize: hide OCL_TIDL_CACHE_ALIGN on host
2018-10-25 Ajay JayarajAdded graph viewer for TIDL API timestamp data
2018-10-19 Ajay JayarajSimplify API for multiple contexts
2018-10-19 Yuan ZhaoEnqueue multiple frames at device side
2018-10-15 Ajay JayarajQuantization history configuration parameters
2018-10-08 Ajay JayarajRemoved unused API functionality, added changelog
2018-10-01 Ajay JayarajRefactor imgutils::PreProcImage function
2018-09-26 Ajay JayarajAdding pybind11 v2.2.4 to repo
2018-09-26 Ajay JayarajAdded Python 3 bindings for TIDL API
2018-09-12 Yuan ZhaoRestore version to
2018-09-12 Yuan ZhaoMerge tag 'v01.01.00.01' into develop
2018-09-12 Yuan ZhaoMerge branch 'hotfix/v01.01.00.01' v01.01.00.01
2018-09-10 Yuan ZhaoOptimize classification perf, report loop avg_fps
2018-09-10 Yuan ZhaoStart hotfix v01.01.00.01
2018-09-07 Ajay JayarajMerge tag 'v01.01.00.00' into develop
2018-09-07 Ajay JayarajMerge branch 'release/v01.01.00.00' v01.01.00.00
2018-09-07 Ajay JayarajUpdated TIDL API manifest for v1.1
2018-09-07 Djordje Senicicexamples:classification: Use configuration.numFrames...
2018-09-07 Djordje Senicicexamples:classification: Increase main window and updat...
2018-09-06 Ajay JayarajUpdated version to 1.2.0
2018-09-06 Yuan ZhaoClassification example code refactor and clean up
2018-09-06 Yuan ZhaoOptimize examples with EOP double buffering
2018-09-06 Ajay JayarajUpdates to User's Guide and related examples
2018-09-05 Yuan ZhaoWall cleanup, optimize ssd_multibox
2018-09-05 Yuan ZhaoVideo input option and document update
2018-08-30 Ajay JayarajAdded example to illustrate pipelining across EOs
2018-08-29 Ajay JayarajRefactor examples - test, one_eo_per_frame
2018-08-29 Ajay Jayarajclassification - fixed zero size image clip
2018-08-29 Djordje Senicicclassification - adjust example for API updates
2018-08-24 Ajay JayarajAdded an example to illustrate 1 EO per frame
2018-08-22 Ajay JayarajDocumentation - refactoring and updates
2018-08-22 Yuan ZhaoUpdate imagenet to take mp4 input
2018-08-21 Ajay JayarajReport memory usage when device allocation fails