2018-10-22 Benoit Parrotvpetest: code cleanup and reorg master
2018-10-22 Benoit Parrotvpetest: fix nv12 definition to follow convention
2018-10-22 Benoit Parrotvpetest: update source code license statement
2018-10-17 Benoit Parrotvpetest: ignore translen ctrl if not supported
2016-09-28 Benoit Parrotvpetest: Add support for NV12 to use single or dual...
2016-09-23 Benoit Parrotvpetest: Fix output file permission/mode flag
2016-09-23 Benoit Parrotvpetest: Add interlace type argument passing
2016-09-23 Benoit Parrotvpetest: add debug print
2016-06-29 Benoit Parrotvpetest: fix cropping type checking issue
2016-06-29 Benoit Parrotvpetest: Add support for SEB_TB type buffers
2016-06-29 Benoit Parrotvpetest: Add support for RGB565 format
2016-06-29 Benoit Parrotvpetest: modified parameters passing to named instead...
2016-06-29 Benoit Parrotvpetest: switch from CROP to SELECTION API
2016-06-29 Benoit ParrotRemove KDIR static definition from Makefile
2015-06-11 Alejandro HernandezFix buffer type for crop option
2014-01-30 Alejandro HernandezCalculate number of frames based on file size and argv...
2014-01-20 Archit Tanejavpe tests: Add crop support
2014-01-13 Archit Tanejavpe tests: Makefile: Fixes and improvemetns
2014-01-09 Archit Tanejavpe tests: Add COPYING file to the repository
2013-11-25 Archit Tanejatesetvpem2m: Add more RGB formats and set right colorsp...
2013-11-05 Archit Tanejavpe tests: Add vpdma firmware
2013-11-05 Archit Tanejavpe tests: Add initial vpe mem to mem test case