2020-08-03 KNIncluded the review comments to remove references for... master R8.8 R8.8_RC1
2020-07-24 sudharshanMake Class 2 Permissive Changes (C2PC) as default in... sn_devel
2020-06-01 Sudharshan KNUpdate README
2017-05-08 Guy Misholwlconf: update WL1835MOD ini files R8.7_SP2 R8.7_SP3
2016-07-20 Yaniv MachaniWL1835MOD_INI : fixed CRLF endings
2016-05-19 Guy Misholwlconf : update configure-device script R8.7 R8.7_SP1
2016-02-29 Guy Misholwlconf : update configure-device script
2015-11-29 Guy Misholwlconf : update wlconf-toggle script
2015-11-01 Shahar Paturytools: fw logger proxy update for wl18xx R8.6SP1 R8.6_SP1 ol_r8.a9.28
2015-10-13 Guy Misholwlconf: add WL1835MOD_C2PC ini file
2015-07-30 Yaniv Machaniwlconf : added wlconf-toggle script
2015-06-23 Guy Misholwlconf: update default conf and bin files
2015-06-08 Guy Misholwlconf: update WL1835MOD ini file ol_r8.a9.25 ol_r8.a9.26
2015-05-21 Guy Misholwlconf : update configure-device script ol_r8.a9.24
2015-05-18 Guy Misholwlconf: add diversity to configure-device script ol_r8.a9.23
2015-05-17 Yaniv Machaniwlconf : cleanup some redundant values
2015-05-17 Guy Misholwlconf: add sched_scan new parameters
2015-04-07 Yaniv MachaniDefault ini file: JP,EU
2015-02-19 Guy Misholnvs: add nvs file to support changing MAC addr
2015-01-21 Guy Misholwlconf: update configure-device script
2015-01-01 Guy Misholwlconf: adjust WL1837MOD ini to unix
2015-01-01 Guy Misholwlconf: add WL1837MOD ini files
2014-12-07 Guy Misholwlconf: update configure-device.sh ini file name R8.5 R8.5_v3.18 ol_r8.a9.22
2014-11-20 Guy Misholcalibrator: update tx power command help ol_r8.a9.20 ol_r8.a9.21
2014-10-14 Guy Misholwlconf: Update wl18xx-conf-default.bin ol_r8.a9.17 ol_r8.a9.18 ol_r8.a9.19
2014-10-14 Guy Misholwlconf: updated default ini files
2014-10-13 Yaniv Machaniwlconf : ini files
2014-08-07 Guy Misholcalibrator: add and update commands ol_r8.a9.15 ol_r8.a9.16
2014-06-05 Yaniv MachaniUpdated INI files for different modules R8.4 ol_r8.a9.12 ol_r8.a9.13 ol_r8.a9.14
2014-05-27 Yaniv Machanicalibrator:channel_tune: Zero rfset param to support...
2014-04-13 Guy MisholFix core.scan.min_dwell_time_active struct wlconf_test ol_r8.a9.06 ol_r8.a9.07 ol_r8.a9.08 ol_r8.a9.09
2014-04-10 Arik Nemtsovconf: remove WLCORE_CONF_VERSION from conf.h
2014-04-10 Kobi Lwlconf: added ap-sleep settings
2014-04-10 Ram Amraniwlconf: add core.conn.suspend_rx_ba_activity
2014-04-09 Yaniv Machaniwlconf: Added new user configuration file ol_r8.a9.05
2014-03-26 Guy MisholCalibrator: Add RSSI to RX Statistics ol_r8.a9.04 ol_r8.a9.04_32
2014-02-26 Eliad Pellerfix include errors ol_r8.a9.02 ol_r8.a9.02_32 ol_r8.a9.03 ol_r8.a9.03_32
2014-02-13 Guy MisholUpdate default.conf according to PHY changes ol_r8.a9.01
2014-02-13 Guy MisholUpdate ini file to comply with PHY and up
2014-01-09 Guy Misholcalibrator: Update the TxTone command ol_r8.a8.09 ol_r8.a8.10
2013-11-27 Yaniv MahaniAdded support for LIBNL3 using AMSDK recipes ol_r8.a8.08
2013-11-21 Yaniv MachaniUpdated TI Internal spare value
2013-10-16 Arik Nemtsovcalibrator: support compilation with a custom include... ol_r8.a8.05 ol_r8.a8.06
2013-09-15 José Miguel... Fix setting and dumping of 16-bit array in NVS files. ol_r8.a8.01 ol_r8.a8.02 ol_r8.a8.03 ol_r8.a8.04
2013-09-15 José Miguel... Arguments to NL callbacks should have static storage.
2013-09-15 José Miguel... Removed warning: unused variable 'sep'.
2013-09-15 José Miguel... Added missing newlines.
2013-08-11 Kobi Leibovichcalibrator: i/f fixes: add TxTone command mc_internal_39 ol_r8.a7.02
2013-07-14 Eliad Pellerfix scan configuration mismatch, and change version ol_r8.a7.01
2013-07-02 José Miguel... Fix on MAC setting in NVS file
2013-05-03 Luciano CoelhoMerge branch 'mc_internal' of git://github.com/TI-OpenL...
2013-03-06 Igal Chernobelskyini: add basic WL8_System_parameters.ini mc_internal R8.xx_Build-265 R8.xx_Build-266 R8.xx_Build-267 R8.xx_Build-268 R8.xx_Build-269 R8.xx_Build-270 R8.xx_Build-271 R8.xx_Build-272 R8.xx_Build-273 R8.xx_Build-274 R8.xx_Build-275 R8.xx_Build-279 R8.xx_Build-280 R8.xx_Build-281 R8.xx_Build-282 R8.xx_Build-283 R8.xx_Build-284 R8.xx_Build-285 R8.xx_Build-286 R8.xx_Build-287 R8.xx_Build-288 R8.xx_Build-289 R8.xx_Build-290 R8.xx_Build-291 R8.xx_Build-292 R8.xx_Build-293 R8.xx_Build-294 R8.xx_Build-295 R8.xx_Build-296 R8.xx_Build-297 R8.xx_Build-302 R8.xx_Build-304 R8.xx_Build-305 R8.xx_Build-306 R8.xx_Build-307 R8.xx_Build-308 R8.xx_Build-309 R8.xx_Build-310 R8.xx_Build-311 R8.xx_Build-312 R8.xx_Build-313 ol_r8.a5.15 ol_r8.a6.01 ol_r8.a6.02 ol_r8.a6.06
2013-03-04 Eyal Reizerupdate firmwares: SR: X. MR: X.
2013-02-20 Igal Chernobelskyupdate firmwares: SR: X. MR: X.
2013-02-20 Ido Reiswlconf: add WLCONF_DIR variable to Makefile R8.xx_Build-248 R8.xx_Build-249 R8.xx_Build-250 R8.xx_Build-251 R8.xx_Build-252 R8.xx_Build-253 R8.xx_Build-254 R8.xx_Build-258 R8.xx_Build-259 R8.xx_Build-260 R8.xx_Build-261 R8.xx_Build-262 R8.xx_Build-263 ol_r8.a5.14
2013-01-30 Arthur TivAdding ADB SDIO Interconnect (ASI) application R8.xx_Build-224 R8.xx_Build-225 R8.xx_Build-226 R8.xx_Build-227 R8.xx_Build-228 R8.xx_Build-229 R8.xx_Build-230 R8.xx_Build-231 R8.xx_Build-232 R8.xx_Build-233 R8.xx_Build-234 R8.xx_Build-235 R8.xx_Build-236 R8.xx_Build-237 R8.xx_Build-238 R8.xx_Build-240 R8.xx_Build-241 R8.xx_Build-242 R8.xx_Build-243 R8.xx_Build-244 R8.xx_Build-245 R8.xx_Build-246 R8.xx_Build-247 ol_r8.a5.13
2013-01-29 Nadim Zubidatwl18xx_plt: filter rx packets (HUAWEI) R8.xx_Build-223
2012-12-27 Victor Goldenshteinwlconf: add new configuration for Telec support R8.xx_Build-199 R8.xx_Build-200 R8.xx_Build-201 R8.xx_Build-202 R8.xx_Build-203 R8.xx_Build-204 R8.xx_Build-205 R8.xx_Build-206 R8.xx_Build-207 R8.xx_Build-208 R8.xx_Build-209 R8.xx_Build-210 R8.xx_Build-211 R8.xx_Build-212 R8.xx_Build-213 R8.xx_Build-214 R8.xx_Build-215 R8.xx_Build-216 R8.xx_Build-217 R8.xx_Build-218 R8.xx_Build-219 ol_r8.a5.09 ol_r8.a5.10 ol_r8.a5.11
2012-12-04 Igal Chernobelskywlconf: disable BA on VO TIDs in tx_ba_tid_bitmap R8.xx_Build-167 R8.xx_Build-168 R8.xx_Build-169 R8.xx_Build-170 R8.xx_Build-171 R8.xx_Build-172 R8.xx_Build-173 R8.xx_Build-174 R8.xx_Build-175 R8.xx_Build-176 R8.xx_Build-177 R8.xx_Build-178 R8.xx_Build-179 R8.xx_Build-180 R8.xx_Build-181 R8.xx_Build-183 R8.xx_Build-185 R8.xx_Build-188 R8.xx_Build-190 R8.xx_Build-191 R8.xx_Build-196 R8.xx_Build-197 R8.xx_Build-198 ol_r8.a5.06 ol_r8.a5.07 ol_r8.a5.08
2012-11-19 Yair Shapirawlconf: set default HT mode to SISO40 R8.xx_Build-150 R8.xx_Build-151 R8.xx_Build-152 R8.xx_Build-153 R8.xx_Build-154 R8.xx_Build-155 R8.xx_Build-156 R8.xx_Build-157 R8.xx_Build-158 R8.xx_Build-159 R8.xx_Build-160 R8.xx_Build-162 R8.xx_Build-163 R8.xx_Build-164 R8.xx_Build-165 R8.xx_Build-166
2012-11-15 Yair Shapirawlconf: Update metafiles according to latest official... R8.xx_Build-145 R8.xx_Build-146 R8.xx_Build-147 R8.xx_Build-148 R8.xx_Build-149 ol_r8.a5.05
2012-11-15 Ido Reiswlconf/ini: update ini files to HDK1.8
2012-11-08 Ido Reisupdate firmwares: SR: X. MR: X.
2012-10-30 Ido Reisupdate firmwares: SR: X.
2012-10-30 Igal Chernobelskyupdate firmwares: MR: X.
2012-10-30 Yair Shapirawlconf: change INI files and deault values R8.xx_Build-121 R8.xx_Build-122 R8.xx_Build-123 R8.xx_Build-124 R8.xx_Build-125 R8.xx_Build-126 R8.xx_Build-127 R8.xx_Build-128 R8.xx_Build-129 R8.xx_Build-130 R8.xx_Build-131 R8.xx_Build-132 R8.xx_Build-133 R8.xx_Build-134 R8.xx_Build-135 R8.xx_Build-137 R8.xx_Build-138 R8.xx_Build-139 R8.xx_Build-140 R8.xx_Build-141 R8.xx_Build-142 R8.xx_Build-143 R8.xx_Build-144 ol_r8.a5.02 ol_r8.a5.03 ol_r8.a5.04
2012-10-29 Ido Reisupdate firmwares: SR: X., MR: X.
2012-10-25 Igal Chernobelskyupdate firmwares: single role: X. multi role...
2012-10-25 Yair Shapiracalibrator: add support for plt fem-detect/chip-awake... R8.xx_Build-114 R8.xx_Build-115 R8.xx_Build-116 R8.xx_Build-117 R8.xx_Build-118 R8.xx_Build-119 R8.xx_Build-120
2012-10-25 Ido Reislogproxy: increase ka interval to 30
2012-10-22 Igal Chernobelskywl_logproxy: update to the latest version
2012-10-21 Ido Reiswlconf: increase scan dwell times if no activity R8.xx_Build-101 R8.xx_Build-109 R8.xx_Build-110 R8.xx_Build-111 R8.xx_Build-112 ol_r8.a5.01
2012-10-21 Igal Chernobelskyupdate firmwares: single role: X.
2012-10-19 Assaf Azulay update firmwares: single role: X. multi...
2012-10-15 Ido Reiswlconf: update default fw logger conf to uart/cont R8.xx_Build-100 R8.xx_Build-91 R8.xx_Build-92 R8.xx_Build-93 R8.xx_Build-94 R8.xx_Build-95 R8.xx_Build-96 R8.xx_Build-97 R8.xx_Build-98 R8.xx_Build-99 ol_r8.a4.05
2012-10-11 Igal Chernobelskywl_logproxy: update to the latest version R8.xx_Build-85 R8.xx_Build-86 R8.xx_Build-87 R8.xx_Build-89 R8.xx_Build-90 ol_r8.a4.04
2012-10-09 Yair Shapirawlconf: Add support for 2nd set of mac/phy TxPower... R8.xx_Build-79 R8.xx_Build-80 R8.xx_Build-81 R8.xx_Build-82 R8.xx_Build-83 R8.xx_Build-84
2012-10-03 Ido Reiswlconf: add support for slow/fast link treasholds R8.xx_Build-70 R8.xx_Build-71 R8.xx_Build-72 R8.xx_Build-73 R8.xx_Build-74 R8.xx_Build-76 R8.xx_Build-78
2012-09-28 Assaf Azulayupdate single role firmware to X.
2012-09-13 Assaf AzulayUpdate Firmware versions single role: X.
2012-09-13 Igal Chernobelskywl_logproxy: updated to latest version
2012-09-13 Igal Chernobelskyupdate firmwares: single role X., multi role...
2012-08-30 Arthur Tivcalibrator: Adding FW version validation R8.xx_Build-10 R8.xx_Build-12 R8.xx_Build-13 R8.xx_Build-15 R8.xx_Build-16 R8.xx_Build-17 R8.xx_Build-18 R8.xx_Build-20 R8.xx_Build-21 R8.xx_Build-22 R8.xx_Build-23 R8.xx_Build-24 R8.xx_Build-25 R8.xx_Build-27 R8.xx_Build-28 R8.xx_Build-32 R8.xx_Build-34 R8.xx_Build-35 R8.xx_Build-36 R8.xx_Build-37 R8.xx_Build-38 R8.xx_Build-39 R8.xx_Build-40 R8.xx_Build-41 R8.xx_Build-42 R8.xx_Build-43 R8.xx_Build-44 R8.xx_Build-45 R8.xx_Build-46 R8.xx_Build-48 R8.xx_Build-49 R8.xx_Build-50 R8.xx_Build-51 R8.xx_Build-52 R8.xx_Build-53 R8.xx_Build-54 R8.xx_Build-55 R8.xx_Build-56 R8.xx_Build-57 R8.xx_Build-58 R8.xx_Build-59 R8.xx_Build-6 R8.xx_Build-60 R8.xx_Build-61 R8.xx_Build-62 R8.xx_Build-63 R8.xx_Build-64 R8.xx_Build-65 R8.xx_Build-66 R8.xx_Build-67 R8.xx_Build-68 R8.xx_Build-69 R8.xx_Build-7 R8.xx_Build-8 R8.xx_Build-9 ol_r8.a4.01 ol_r8.a4.02 ol_r8.a4.03 r8.a3.09-build_49 r8.a3.09-build_50 r8.a3.09-build_51
2012-08-30 Arthur Tivcalibrator: Adding README updates
2012-08-30 Arthur Tivcalibrator: Add read/write PHY reg
2012-08-30 Arthur Tivcalibrator: Adding two more set antenna cmds
2012-08-30 Yair Shapirawlconf: Update wl18xx (phy) conf parameters
2012-08-28 Ido Reisupdate firmwares: single role X., multi role...
2012-08-15 Yair Shapirawlconf: Updated default conf to HP_SISO R8.xx_Build-2 R8.xx_Build-3 R8.xx_Build-4 R8.xx_Build-5 ol_r8.a3.14 r8.a3.09-build_37 r8.a3.09-build_38 r8.a3.09-build_39 r8.a3.09-build_41 r8.a3.09-build_42 r8.a3.09-build_43 r8.a3.09-build_44 r8.a3.09-build_45 r8.a3.09-build_47 r8.a3.09-build_48
2012-08-08 Yair Shapirawlconf: add support for recovery setting conf ol_r8.a3.12-jb ol_r8.a3.13-jb r8.a3.09-build_35 r8.a3.09-build_36
2012-08-05 Ido Reisupdate firmwares: single role X., multi role...
2012-08-05 Yair Shapirawlconf: change default core.ht.rx_ba_win_size ol_r8.a3.11 ol_r8.a3.11_jb r8.a3.09-build_28 r8.a3.09-build_29 r8.a3.09-build_30
2012-08-01 Ido Reisupdate sr/mr/plt firmwares to X.
2012-07-31 Yair Shapirawlconf: update wlconf_unit_test.xlsx to latest ol_r8.a3.10 r8.a3.09-build_23 r8.a3.09-build_24 r8.a3.09-build_25 r8.a3.09-build_27
2012-07-30 Yair Shapirawlconf : update HP SISO tx power in ini file r8.a3.09-build_22
2012-07-30 Yair Shapirawlconf: fix a bug in -b option
2012-07-30 Yair Shapirawlconf: update unit test plan
2012-07-26 Yair Shapirawl_logproxy: updated to latest version
2012-07-26 Ido Reislog proxy utility added
2012-07-25 Ido Reisupdate sr/mr firmware to X.