build_wl18xx: add patch mechanism and bluetooth components
[wilink8-wlan/build-utilites.git] /
2015-03-11 Eyal Reizerbuild_wl18xx: add patch mechanism and bluetooth components
2015-02-11 Yaniv : change https URL to git
2014-11-25 Yaniv MachaniScripts update
2014-10-22 Guy update wireless_regdb tag
2014-10-14 Guy update driver & hostap branches ol_r8.a9.17
2014-10-13 Yaniv Machanibuild : update openssl tag
2014-10-13 Iain Hunterbuild : add iw to build
2014-07-29 Yaniv MachaniConfiguration : changed wireless-regdb to fixes tag
2014-05-07 Guy Update toolchain to gcc-linaro-arm...
2014-04-28 Guy update kernel branch to ti-linux...
2014-04-24 Guy MisholUpdated file to support latest toolcha...
2014-04-09 Guy MisholUpdate file: driver, hostapd and backports
2014-03-11 Yaniv MachaniInitial commit of build-utilities