Updated defconfig with iptables support
[wilink8-wlan/build-utilites.git] / configuration /
2014-05-15 Guy MisholUpdated defconfig with iptables support linux_test_crda ol_r8.a9.08
2014-05-13 Yaniv MachaniUpdated defconfig, added build function ol_r8.a9.07
2014-05-12 Yaniv MachaniRevert "Update configuration/kernel_3.12.config"
2014-05-07 Guy MisholUpdate configuration/kernel_3.12.config
2014-04-28 Guy Misholkernel.config: updated to support iptables
2014-04-28 Guy MisholAdd CONFIG_CRYPTO_CCM=y flag
2014-04-24 Guy MisholAdd kernel.config files according to supported kerenels
2014-03-11 Yaniv MachaniInitial commit of build-utilities