2012-07-19 Ido ReisRevert "wl18xx: allow ELP by default for PG2.0" master r8.a2.09
2012-07-12 Ido Reiswl18xx: set default phy config to hp siso r8.a2.08
2012-07-12 Yair Shapirawl18xx: enable wlconf configurations for r8.a2
2012-06-26 Arkady Miasnikovwlcore: access the firmware memory via debugfs r8.a2.08-candidate
2012-06-25 Ido Reiswl18xx: allow ELP by default for PG2.0
2012-06-25 Ido Reiswl18xx: increase rx_ba_win_size to 32
2012-06-20 Luciano Coelhomac80211: use the correct capability info in ieee80211_... r8.a2.07-build_136 r8.a2.07-build_139 r8.a2.07-build_140 r8.a2.07-build_141 r8.a2.07-build_146
2012-06-10 Arik Nemtsovwlcore: reconfigure sleep_auth when removing interfaces
2012-06-10 Arik Nemtsovwlcore: allow setting sleep_auth before interface init
2012-06-08 Eliad Pellermac80211: don't queue monitor work for HW_CONNECTION_MO...
2012-06-07 Eliad Pellermac80211: check sdata_running on set_bitrate_mask r8.a2.07
2012-06-04 Ido ReisRevert "wl18xx: allow ELP by default for PG2.0" ol_r8.a2.06 r8.a2.06
2012-06-04 Eliad Pellerwlcore: update basic rates on channel switch
2012-06-01 Arik Nemtsovwlcore: add HW flag to add AP stations only after beaconing
2012-06-01 Arik Nemtsovmac80211: allow adding stations after AP start on reconfig
2012-06-01 Arik Nemtsovmac80211: stop Rx during HW reconfig
2012-06-01 Arik Nemtsovmac80211: don't call drv_ampdu_action() during reconfig
2012-05-31 Eliad Pellermac80211: clear ifmgd->bssid only after building DELBA
2012-05-30 Eyal Shapiramac80211: fix ADDBA declined after suspend with wowlan r8.a2.04
2012-05-30 Ido Reiswl18xx: allow ELP by default for PG2.0
2012-05-30 Ido Reiswl18xx: increase rx descriptors
2012-05-29 Arik Nemtsovwlcore/wl12xx/wl18xx: make NVS file optional for wl18xx
2012-05-29 Arik Nemtsovwl18xx: clean up phy module parameters
2012-05-29 Arik Nemtsovwl18xx: align wl18xx_conf_phy with FW variant and remove it
2012-05-29 Luciano Coelhowl18xx: read configuration structure from a binary...
2012-05-29 Luciano Coelhowlcore/wl18xx: export conf struct in a debugfs file
2012-05-29 Luciano Coelhowlcore/wl18xx: the conf structs must be packed so they...
2012-05-23 Ido Reiswl18xx: update fw statistics r8.a2.03 r8.a2.03-build_127 r8.a2.03-build_128 r8.a2.03-build_129 r8.a2.03-build_130 r8.a2.03-build_131 r8.a2.03-build_132
2012-05-23 Assaf Azulaymac80211: [NOT_FOR_UPSTREAM] setting only VO as UAPSD
2012-05-22 Luciano Coelhowlcore: use u8 instead of enum for bcn_filt_mode r8.a2.01-build_126
2012-05-22 Luciano Coelhowlcore/wl18xx/wl12xx: use u8 instead of bool for host_f...
2012-05-22 Luciano Coelhowl18xx: use a single dimension for tx_agg_vs_rate in...
2012-05-22 Ido Reiswl18xx: enable fw logger for pg2 chips
2012-05-22 Ido Reiswl18xx: update fw statistics
2012-05-21 Luciano Coelhowlcore: add counters with reasons for aggr packet sendi...
2012-05-21 Luciano Coelhowlcore: export raw binary with the FW statistics in...
2012-05-21 Luciano Coelhowl18xx: add support to clear FW statistics
2012-05-17 Eyal Shapirawlcore: add debugfs control over rx interrupt pacing
2012-05-17 Eyal Shapirawlcore: add support macros to easily add conf debugfs...
2012-05-17 Arik Nemtsovwlcore/wl12xx/wl18xx: add version.h to a new .gitignore...
2012-05-17 Arik Nemtsovwl18xx: change FW names for PG1, PG2 r8.a2.01 r8.a2.01-build_120 r8.a2.01-build_121 r8.a2.01-build_122 r8.a2.01-build_123 r8.a2.01-build_124
2012-05-15 Eliad Pellerwlcore: compare ssid_len before comparing ssids r8.a1.06-build_117 r8.a2.01-build_118 r8.a2.01-build_119
2012-05-15 Assaf Azulaywlcore: increase number of BA sessions to 3
2012-05-14 Arik Nemtsovwlcore/wl12xx/wl18xx: implement op_set_key per HW arch r8.a1.06-build_116
2012-05-14 Arik Nemtsovwlcore: stop queues on Tx flush
2012-05-14 Arik Nemtsovwlcore: add stop reason bitmap for waking/starting...
2012-05-14 Arik Nemtsovwlcore/wl12xx/wl18xx: handle spare blocks spacials...
2012-05-14 Arik Nemtsovwlcore/wl12xx/wl18xx: introduce quirk to remove TKIP...
2012-05-14 Eliad Pellerwlcore: set wl->ht_cap per-band
2012-05-13 Ido Reiswl18xx: data packets hlid was not updated during tx
2012-05-13 Ido Reiswl18xx: PG2.0 HW Watch dog support
2012-05-13 Ido Reiswl18xx: FW/PHY arguments added for pg2
2012-05-13 Ido Reiswl18xx: dual fw support for pg1/pg2
2012-05-13 Ido Reiswl18xx: PG2 padding
2012-05-13 Ido Reiswl18xx: pg2 update
2012-05-13 Ido Reiswl18xx: fix PHY_INIT addresses mem size
2012-05-07 Victor Goldenshteinwlcore: fix sparse warning in wl1271_get_scan_channels... r8.a1.06-build_110 r8.a1.06-build_111 r8.a1.06-build_113
2012-04-25 Assaf Azulaywl18xx: change default tcp_checksum to false ol_r8.a1.06 r8.a1.05-build_97 r8.a1.06-build_100 r8.a1.06-build_101 r8.a1.06-build_102 r8.a1.06-build_103 r8.a1.06-build_104 r8.a1.06-build_105 r8.a1.06-build_107 r8.a1.06-build_108 r8.a1.06-build_109 r8.a1.06-build_98 r8.a1.06-build_99
2012-04-16 Luciano CoelhoRevert "wlcore/wl12xx/wl18xx: make tkip extra space... r8.a1.05
2012-04-04 Eyal Shapirawlcore: avoid using NET_IP_ALIGN for RX alignment ol_r8.a1.05 r8.a1.04-build_74 r8.a1.04-build_75 r8.a1.04-build_76 r8.a1.04-build_77 r8.a1.04-build_78 r8.a1.04-build_79 r8.a1.04-build_80 r8.a1.04-build_81 r8.a1.04-build_82 r8.a1.04-build_83 r8.a1.04-build_84 r8.a1.05-build_86 r8.a1.05-build_87 r8.a1.05-build_88 r8.a1.05-build_89 r8.a1.05-build_90 r8.a1.05-build_91 r8.a1.05-build_92 r8.a1.05-build_93 r8.a1.05-build_94 r8.a1.05-build_95 r8.a1.05-build_96 wl18xx-2012-04-04
2012-04-04 Luciano Coelhowl18xx: use new fw stats structures
2012-04-04 Luciano Coelhowlcore/wl12xx/wl18xx: don't force version check everyti...
2012-04-04 Luciano Coelhowlcore: add tx_ba_win_size entry in debugfs
2012-04-04 Luciano Coelhowl18xx: increase tx_ba_win_size to 64 (SQUASH)
2012-03-20 Luciano Coelhowlcore: increase aggregation buffer size by one page jenkins-OpenLink_R8_AndroidDailyBuild-46 wl18xx-2012-03-20
2012-03-18 Eyal Shapirawl12xx: fix broken multicast in AP mode jenkins-OpenLink_R8_AndroidDailyBuild-44 jenkins-OpenLink_R8_AndroidDailyBuild-45
2012-03-18 Eliad Pellerwl12xx: use correct link for bcast frames
2012-03-18 Eyal Shapirawl12xx: fix a memory leak of probereq template upon...
2012-03-18 Eyal Shapirawl12xx: fix race between suspend/resume and recovery
2012-03-02 Luciano Coelhowlcore/wl12xx/wl18xx: move lower driver debugfs to... jenkins-OpenLink_R8_AndroidDailyBuild-27 jenkins-OpenLink_R8_AndroidDailyBuild-28 jenkins-OpenLink_R8_AndroidDailyBuild-29 jenkins-OpenLink_R8_AndroidDailyBuild-30 jenkins-OpenLink_R8_AndroidDailyBuild-31 jenkins-OpenLink_R8_AndroidDailyBuild-35 jenkins-OpenLink_R8_AndroidDailyBuild-36 jenkins-OpenLink_R8_AndroidDailyBuild-37 jenkins-OpenLink_R8_AndroidDailyBuild-38 jenkins-OpenLink_R8_AndroidDailyBuild-39 jenkins-OpenLink_R8_AndroidDailyBuild-40 jenkins-OpenLink_R8_AndroidDailyBuild-41 jenkins-OpenLink_R8_AndroidDailyBuild-42 jenkins-OpenLink_R8_AndroidDailyBuild-43 wl18xx-2012-03-02
2012-03-02 Luciano Coelhowlcore/wl12xx/wl18xx: make tkip extra space configurabl...
2012-03-01 Luciano Coelhowl18xx: export pwr_limit_reference_11_abg value as... jenkins-OpenLink_R8_AndroidDailyBuild-26
2012-03-01 Luciano Coelhowl18xx: export low/high band component values as module...
2012-03-01 Luciano Coelhowl18xx: add power limit reference value to mac_and_phy...
2012-02-28 Luciano Coelhowlcore: gather information about firmware stability jenkins-OpenLink_R8_AndroidDailyBuild-24 jenkins-OpenLink_R8_AndroidDailyBuild-25 wl18xx-2012-02-28
2012-02-28 Luciano Coelhowlcore: add a debugfs entry to allow changing the sleep...
2012-02-27 Luciano Coelhowl18xx: add module parameter to force SISO 20MHz jenkins-OpenLink_R8_AndroidDailyBuild-23 wl18xx-2012-02-27
2012-02-27 Luciano Coelhowlcore: use proper values for supported local rates
2012-02-27 Luciano Coelhowl18xx: don't use MIMO when ht_mode is set to wide
2012-02-27 Luciano Coelhowlcore: update channel also when channel type has changed
2012-02-23 Luciano Coelhowlcore: print the interrupt status when recovery is... jenkins-OpenLink_R8_AndroidDailyBuild-18 jenkins-OpenLink_R8_AndroidDailyBuild-19 jenkins-OpenLink_R8_AndroidDailyBuild-20 jenkins-OpenLink_R8_AndroidDailyBuild-21 jenkins-OpenLink_R8_AndroidDailyBuild-22
2012-02-23 Luciano Coelhowl18xx: print the PHY firmware version from the private...
2012-02-23 Luciano Coelhowlcore: create private static_data area and add operati...
2012-02-22 Luciano Coelhowlcore: fix "wlcore: update beacon and probe_resp.... jenkins-OpenLink_R8_AndroidDailyBuild-12 wl18xx-2012-02-22
2012-02-22 Luciano Coelhowl18xx: implement fw status debugfs entries
2012-02-22 Luciano Coelhowl12xx: implement fw status debugfs entries
2012-02-22 Luciano Coelhowlcore: add debugfs macro to help print fw statistics...
2012-02-22 Luciano Coelhowlcore: abstract debugfs fw_stats to be handled by...
2012-02-21 Luciano Coelhowlcore: use all AP basic rates as default ol_r8.a1.02 wl18xx-2012-02-21
2012-02-21 Luciano Coelhowlcore: update beacon and probe_resp templates when...
2012-02-21 Luciano CoelhoARM: defconfig: add debug and throughput configs for...
2012-02-20 Luciano Coelhowlcore/wl12xx/wl18xx: move version prints to module... wl18xx-02-20
2012-02-20 Luciano Coelhowlcore/wl12xx/wl18xx: force recheck of version.h and...
2012-02-15 Luciano Coelhowl18xx: disable MCS_13 for wl18xx PG 1.0 wl18xx-2012-02-15
2012-02-15 Luciano Coelhowlcore: reorder identify_chip and get_hw_info
2012-02-15 Luciano Coelhowl18xx: change low_band_component_type value for COM8
2012-02-14 Luciano Coelhowlcore: add space for private area when allocating... wl18xx-2012-02-14
2012-02-09 Victor Goldenshteinwl18xx: release OCP bridge (yield issue) ol_r8.a1.01 wl18xx-2012-02-09
2012-02-09 Luciano Coelhowlcore: add fw_name module parameters for overriding
2012-02-09 Ido Reiswlcore: add missing wake_lock declarations