descriptionWiLink8 WLAN development project - common arch for wl12xx and wl18xx.
last changeThu, 19 Jul 2012 08:18:03 +0000 (11:18 +0300)
2012-07-19 Ido ReisRevert "wl18xx: allow ELP by default for PG2.0" master r8.a2.09
2012-07-12 Ido Reiswl18xx: set default phy config to hp siso r8.a2.08
2012-07-12 Yair Shapirawl18xx: enable wlconf configurations for r8.a2
2012-06-26 Arkady Miasnikovwlcore: access the firmware memory via debugfs r8.a2.08-candidate
2012-06-25 Ido Reiswl18xx: allow ELP by default for PG2.0
2012-06-25 Ido Reiswl18xx: increase rx_ba_win_size to 32
2012-06-20 Luciano Coelhomac80211: use the correct capability info in ieee80211_... r8.a2.07-build_136 r8.a2.07-build_139 r8.a2.07-build_140 r8.a2.07-build_141 r8.a2.07-build_146
2012-06-10 Arik Nemtsovwlcore: reconfigure sleep_auth when removing interfaces
2012-06-10 Arik Nemtsovwlcore: allow setting sleep_auth before interface init
2012-06-08 Eliad Pellermac80211: don't queue monitor work for HW_CONNECTION_MO...
2012-06-07 Eliad Pellermac80211: check sdata_running on set_bitrate_mask r8.a2.07
2012-06-04 Ido ReisRevert "wl18xx: allow ELP by default for PG2.0" ol_r8.a2.06 r8.a2.06
2012-06-04 Eliad Pellerwlcore: update basic rates on channel switch
2012-06-01 Arik Nemtsovwlcore: add HW flag to add AP stations only after beaconing
2012-06-01 Arik Nemtsovmac80211: allow adding stations after AP start on reconfig
2012-06-01 Arik Nemtsovmac80211: stop Rx during HW reconfig
3 years ago R8.7_SP3 R8.7_SP3
3 years ago R8.7_SP2 R8.7_SP2
4 years ago R8.7_SP1 R8.7_SP1
4 years ago R8.7 R8.7
4 years ago R8.7_RC15 R8.7_RC15
4 years ago R8.7_RC14 R8.7_RC14
4 years ago R8.7_RC13 R8.7_RC13
5 years ago R8.7_RC12 R8.7_RC12
5 years ago R8.7_RC11 R8.7_RC11
5 years ago R8.7_RC10 R8.7_RC10
5 years ago R8.7_RC9 R8.7_RC9
5 years ago R8.7_RC8 R8.7_RC8
5 years ago R8.7_RC5 R8.7_RC5
5 years ago R8.6_SP1 R8.6_SP1
5 years ago ol_r8.a9.28 ol_r8.a9.28
5 years ago R8.7_ED R8.7_ED
3 years ago upstream_44_next
3 years ago upstream_44
4 years ago Dynamic-Mesh_GH
5 years ago upstream_41
5 years ago upstream_44_devel
5 years ago wlcore-ti-linux-4.1.y
5 years ago ti-linux-4.1.y-wlcore
5 years ago tsf_sync
5 years ago ap_p2p
5 years ago upstream_319
6 years ago upstream_318
6 years ago upstream_318_all
6 years ago tmp_dfs
6 years ago a_sync
6 years ago tmp_debug_scan
6 years ago multi_ap_314