compat-wireless: turn on TESTMODE and MAC DEBUGFS, turn off BT
[wl12xx/compat-wireless.git] / enable-older-kernels / enable-2.6.23.patch
2011-06-14 Hauke Mehrtenscompat-wireless: update enable-older-kernels patches
2011-01-13 Hauke Mehrtenscompat-wireless: update patches in enable-older-kernels
2010-08-25 Luis R. Rodriguezcompat-wireless: enable compilation of ath9k on >=...
2010-01-13 Luis R. RodriguezFix a few typos on and the new enable olde...
2010-01-12 Luis R. RodriguezMove down bluetooth options
2010-01-11 Luis R. RodriguezAdd support for driver-select to enable older kernels