compat-wireless: fix scripts/driver-select for ath9k
[wl12xx/compat-wireless.git] / scripts / driver-select
2010-09-13 Senthil Balasubram... compat-wireless: fix scripts/driver-select for ath9k
2010-08-31 Luis R. Rodriguezcompat-wireless: enable ath6kl from being included
2010-08-25 Luis R. Rodriguezcompat-wireless: fix driver select for ath9k
2010-08-25 Luis R. Rodriguezcompat-wireless: enable compilation of ath9k on >=...
2010-06-04 Luis R. Rodriguezcompat-wireless: add Ethernet support for driver-select
2010-05-18 Luis R. RodriguezFix scripts/driver-select due to new version changes
2010-05-06 Walter Goldenscompat-wireless: rt2x00 added to driver-select
2010-03-28 Paul Fertsercompat-wireless: driver-select: add b43 to the list
2010-03-28 Luis R. Rodriguezdriver-select: fix selecting ath9k_htc
2010-03-28 Luis R. Rodriguezdriver-select: enable listing of ath9k_htc
2010-03-28 Pavel Roskincompat-wireless: add support for ath9k_htc
2010-01-20 Luis R. RodriguezFix driver_select for ar9170
2010-01-13 Luis R. RodriguezDisable 2.6.24 for ath9k and ath5k
2010-01-13 Luis R. RodriguezEnable 2.6.23 for ath9k and ath5k
2010-01-13 Luis R. RodriguezFix driver-select for ath9k and ath5k
2010-01-11 Luis R. RodriguezAdd support for driver-select to enable older kernels
2009-11-13 Luis R. Rodriguezdriver-selet: clarify why we have select_ath9k_driver
2009-11-13 Luis R. Rodriguezdriver-select: remove double disable_var_01 for ath9k
2009-11-13 Luis R. Rodriguezdriver-select: fix enabling debugging for ath9k and...
2009-10-09 Luis R. RodriguezFix driver select for ath9k
2009-10-08 Luis R. Rodriguezdriver-select: respect disabling b44
2009-10-08 Luis R. RodriguezFix driver-select for ath9k and ath5k
2009-10-07 Luis R. Rodriguezath9k: use CONFIG_ATH9K_HW for driver select
2009-09-28 Hin-Tak Leungcompat-2.6: adding driver-select script support for...
2009-08-07 Luis R. RodriguezAdd wl12xx group to driver-select (NOTE: android users)
2009-08-05 Luis R. RodriguezAdd intel and iwlwifi group drivers for driver-select
2009-08-05 Luis R. RodriguezAdd new select_drivers helper to select more than one...
2009-08-05 Luis R. RodriguezCleanup upon new driver-request
2009-08-05 Luis R. RodriguezUpon admin-update do driver-select restore
2009-08-05 Luis R. RodriguezFix driver selecting disable for eeprom and usb
2009-08-05 Luis R. RodriguezRemove backup files upon restore
2009-08-05 Luis R. RodriguezRemove more stuff when selecting drivers on top level...
2009-08-05 Luis R. RodriguezAdd new drivers-select to let users select their drivers