2017-12-13 Guy Misholwpa2_fix: merge fixes from latest supplicant master ol_R5.SP9.01
2013-02-11 Arik NemtsovP2P: wait on GO negotiation confirm android_jb ol_R5.SP8.01 old_master R5.xx_Build-222 R5.xx_Build-223 R5.xx_Build-224 R5.xx_Build-225 R5.xx_Build-226 R5.xx_Build-227 R5.xx_Build-228 R5.xx_Build-229 R5.xx_Build-230 R5.xx_Build-231 R5.xx_Build-232 R5.xx_Build-234 R5.xx_Build-235 R5.xx_Build-236 R5.xx_Build-237 R5.xx_Build-241 R5.xx_Build-242 R5.xx_Build-243 R5.xx_Build-244 R5.xx_Build-245 R5.xx_Build-246 R5.xx_Build-247 R5.xx_Build-248 R5.xx_Build-250 R5.xx_Build-251 R5.xx_Build-252 R5.xx_Build-253 R5.xx_Build-254 R5.xx_Build-255 R5.xx_Build-256 R5.xx_Build-259 R5.xx_Build-260 R5.xx_Build-261 R5.xx_Build-263 R5.xx_Build-264 R5.xx_Build-265 R5.xx_Build-266 R5.xx_Build-267 R5.xx_Build-268 R5.xx_Build-269 R5.xx_Build-270 R5.xx_Build-271 R5.xx_Build-272 R5.xx_Build-273 R5.xx_Build-274 R5.xx_Build-275 R5.xx_Build-276 R5.xx_Build-277 R5.xx_Build-278 R5.xx_Build-279 R5.xx_Build-280 R5.xx_Build-281 R5.xx_Build-282 R5.xx_Build-283 R5.xx_Build-284 R5.xx_Build-285 R5.xx_Build-286 R5.xx_Build-287 R5.xx_Build-288 R8.xx_Build-236 R8.xx_Build-237 R8.xx_Build-238 R8.xx_Build-240 R8.xx_Build-241 R8.xx_Build-242 R8.xx_Build-243 R8.xx_Build-244 R8.xx_Build-245 R8.xx_Build-246 R8.xx_Build-247 R8.xx_Build-248 R8.xx_Build-249 R8.xx_Build-250 R8.xx_Build-251 R8.xx_Build-252 R8.xx_Build-253 R8.xx_Build-254 R8.xx_Build-258 R8.xx_Build-259 R8.xx_Build-260 R8.xx_Build-261 R8.xx_Build-262 R8.xx_Build-263 R8.xx_Build-264 R8.xx_Build-265 R8.xx_Build-266 R8.xx_Build-267 R8.xx_Build-268 R8.xx_Build-269 R8.xx_Build-270 R8.xx_Build-271 R8.xx_Build-272 R8.xx_Build-273 R8.xx_Build-274 R8.xx_Build-275 R8.xx_Build-279 R8.xx_Build-280 R8.xx_Build-281 R8.xx_Build-282 R8.xx_Build-283 R8.xx_Build-284 R8.xx_Build-285 R8.xx_Build-286 R8.xx_Build-287 R8.xx_Build-288 R8.xx_Build-289 R8.xx_Build-290 R8.xx_Build-291 R8.xx_Build-292 R8.xx_Build-293 R8.xx_Build-294 R8.xx_Build-295 R8.xx_Build-296 R8.xx_Build-297 R8.xx_Build-302 R8.xx_Build-304 R8.xx_Build-305 R8.xx_Build-306 R8.xx_Build-307 R8.xx_Build-308 R8.xx_Build-309 R8.xx_Build-310 R8.xx_Build-311 R8.xx_Build-312 R8.xx_Build-313 ol_R5.SP4.01 ol_R5.SP5.01 ol_R5.SP6.01 ol_R5.SP7.01 ol_R5.SP8.01 ol_r8.a5.14 ol_r8.a5.15 ol_r8.a6.01 ol_r8.a6.02
2013-01-30 Eliad PellerP2P: accept provision discovery with bcast group ID R5.xx_Build-209 R5.xx_Build-210 R5.xx_Build-211 R5.xx_Build-212 R5.xx_Build-213 R5.xx_Build-214 R5.xx_Build-215 R5.xx_Build-216 R5.xx_Build-217 R5.xx_Build-218 R5.xx_Build-219 R5.xx_Build-220 R5.xx_Build-221 R8.xx_Build-223 R8.xx_Build-224 R8.xx_Build-225 R8.xx_Build-226 R8.xx_Build-227 R8.xx_Build-228 R8.xx_Build-229 R8.xx_Build-230 R8.xx_Build-231 R8.xx_Build-232 R8.xx_Build-233 R8.xx_Build-234 R8.xx_Build-235
2013-01-23 Victor Goldenshteinwpa_s: new override_p2p_go_intent conf parameter (INTERNAL) R5.xx_Build-205 R5.xx_Build-206 R5.xx_Build-207 R8.xx_Build-219 R8.xx_Build-220 R8.xx_Build-221 R8.xx_Build-222
2013-01-07 Arik Nemtsovhostapd: add support for ACS whitelist and blacklist... R5.xx_Build-195 R5.xx_Build-196 R5.xx_Build-197 R5.xx_Build-198 R5.xx_Build-199 R5.xx_Build-200 R5.xx_Build-201 R5.xx_Build-202 R5.xx_Build-203 R5.xx_Build-204 R8.xx_Build-205 R8.xx_Build-206 R8.xx_Build-207 R8.xx_Build-208 R8.xx_Build-209 R8.xx_Build-210 R8.xx_Build-211 R8.xx_Build-212 R8.xx_Build-213 R8.xx_Build-214 R8.xx_Build-215 R8.xx_Build-216 R8.xx_Build-217 R8.xx_Build-218 ol_r8.a5.10 ol_r8.a5.11
2013-01-07 Arik Nemtsovhostapd: auto-select secondary channel (INTERNAL)
2013-01-07 Arik Nemtsovhostapd: auto-select AP channel (INTERNAL)
2013-01-07 Arik Nemtsovhostapd: re-use auto-select scan result for 40Mhz pre...
2013-01-07 Arik Nemtsovhostapd: template function for auto-selection of channe...
2013-01-03 Ido Reiswpa_s/hostapd: add description to version string R5.xx_Build-191 R5.xx_Build-192 R5.xx_Build-193 R5.xx_Build-194 R8.xx_Build-201 R8.xx_Build-202 R8.xx_Build-203 R8.xx_Build-204
2012-12-13 Eyal ShapiraWPS: Select only correct AP following provisioning... R5.xx_Build-170 R5.xx_Build-171 R5.xx_Build-172 R5.xx_Build-173 R5.xx_Build-174 R5.xx_Build-175 R5.xx_Build-182 R5.xx_Build-187 R5.xx_Build-188 R5.xx_Build-189 R5.xx_Build-190 R8.xx_Build-176 R8.xx_Build-177 R8.xx_Build-178 R8.xx_Build-179 R8.xx_Build-180 R8.xx_Build-181 R8.xx_Build-183 R8.xx_Build-185 R8.xx_Build-188 R8.xx_Build-190 R8.xx_Build-191 R8.xx_Build-196 R8.xx_Build-197 R8.xx_Build-198 R8.xx_Build-199 R8.xx_Build-200 ol_r8.a5.09
2012-11-13 Eyal ShapiraP2P: Fix broken rx action frame handling (INTERNAL... R5.xx_Build-143 R5.xx_Build-144 R5.xx_Build-145 R5.xx_Build-146 R5.xx_Build-147 R5.xx_Build-148 R5.xx_Build-149 R5.xx_Build-150 R5.xx_Build-151 R5.xx_Build-152 R5.xx_Build-153 R5.xx_Build-154 R5.xx_Build-155 R5.xx_Build-156 R5.xx_Build-157 R5.xx_Build-158 R5.xx_Build-159 R5.xx_Build-160 R5.xx_Build-161 R5.xx_Build-162 R5.xx_Build-163 R5.xx_Build-164 R5.xx_Build-165 R5.xx_Build-166 R5.xx_Build-167 R5.xx_Build-168 R5.xx_Build-169 R8.xx_Build-142 R8.xx_Build-143 R8.xx_Build-144 R8.xx_Build-145 R8.xx_Build-146 R8.xx_Build-147 R8.xx_Build-148 R8.xx_Build-149 R8.xx_Build-151 R8.xx_Build-152 R8.xx_Build-153 R8.xx_Build-154 R8.xx_Build-155 R8.xx_Build-156 R8.xx_Build-157 R8.xx_Build-158 R8.xx_Build-159 R8.xx_Build-160 R8.xx_Build-161 R8.xx_Build-162 R8.xx_Build-163 R8.xx_Build-164 R8.xx_Build-165 R8.xx_Build-166 R8.xx_Build-167 R8.xx_Build-168 R8.xx_Build-169 R8.xx_Build-170 R8.xx_Build-171 R8.xx_Build-172 R8.xx_Build-173 R8.xx_Build-174 R8.xx_Build-175 ol_r8.a5.05 ol_r8.a5.06 ol_r8.a5.07 ol_r8.a5.08
2012-11-13 Victor Goldenshteinwpa_s: don't accumulate delayed sched scan requests...
2012-11-13 Victor Goldenshteinwpa_s: restart sched scan on channel list change
2012-11-12 Eyal ShapiraAvoid sched scan flood in case of mismatched security... R5.xx_Build-142 R8.xx_Build-141
2012-11-11 Vishal Mahaveernl80211: add support for DRIVER COUNTRY command R5.xx_Build-141 R8.xx_Build-140
2012-11-06 Nadim Zubidathostapd: enable dynamic modification of acl policy R5.xx_Build-134 R5.xx_Build-135 R5.xx_Build-136 R5.xx_Build-137 R5.xx_Build-138 R5.xx_Build-139 R8.xx_Build-132 R8.xx_Build-133 R8.xx_Build-134 R8.xx_Build-135 R8.xx_Build-137 R8.xx_Build-138 R8.xx_Build-139 ol_R5.SP3.05 ol_R5.SP3.06 ol_r8.a5.04
2012-11-05 Eyal ShapiraP2P: Fix duplicate handling of rx action frames (UPSTREAM) R5.xx_Build-133 R8.xx_Build-130 R8.xx_Build-131
2012-11-02 Eyal Shapiraandroid: wpa_s template: set p2p_go_max_inactivity... R5.xx_Build-129 R5.xx_Build-130 R5.xx_Build-131 R5.xx_Build-132 R8.xx_Build-126 R8.xx_Build-127 R8.xx_Build-128 R8.xx_Build-129 ol_R5.SP3.04
2012-11-02 Eyal ShapiraP2P: cancel action frame offchan wait after recv go...
2012-11-01 Igal ChernobelskyP2P: set P2P_GO_MAX_INACTIVITY to 100s R5.xx_Build-128 R8.xx_Build-125
2012-10-29 Eyal ShapiraDon't disable and select new network if SETBAND didn... R5.xx_Build-119 R5.xx_Build-120 R5.xx_Build-122 R5.xx_Build-123 R5.xx_Build-124 R5.xx_Build-125 R5.xx_Build-126 R5.xx_Build-127 R8.xx_Build-119 R8.xx_Build-120 R8.xx_Build-121 R8.xx_Build-122 R8.xx_Build-123 R8.xx_Build-124 ol_R5.SP3.03 ol_r8.a5.02 ol_r8.a5.03
2012-10-29 Eyal ShapiraTrigger sched scan on wpa_s init if enabled networks...
2012-10-29 Eyal Shapiraandroid: wpa_s template: enable concurrent_sched_scan...
2012-10-29 Eyal ShapiraAllow concurrent normal scan and sched scan (UPSTREAM)
2012-10-29 Eyal ShapiraAvoid normal scans before sched scan if max_scan_ssids...
2012-10-29 Eyal ShapiraDisable p2p on wlan0 (JB)
2012-10-29 Jouni MalinenP2P: Allow P2P functionality to be disabled per interface
2012-10-29 Eyal ShapiraRevert "Add P2P IEs to probe requests only when in...
2012-10-29 Eyal ShapiraP2P: speed up scans when connecting to persistent GO...
2012-10-29 Victor Goldenshteinwpa_s: fix bss selection on identical SSIDs with WEP...
2012-10-24 Eyal ShapiraP2P: cancel action frame offchan wait after recv go... R5.xx_Build-110 R5.xx_Build-113 R5.xx_Build-114 R5.xx_Build-115 R5.xx_Build-116 R8.xx_Build-111 R8.xx_Build-112 R8.xx_Build-114 R8.xx_Build-115 R8.xx_Build-116 R8.xx_Build-117 R8.xx_Build-118 ol_r8.a5.01
2012-10-10 Eyal ShapiraP2P: Don't delete group on non P2P interfaces (UPSTREAM) R5.xx_Build-100 R5.xx_Build-101 R5.xx_Build-108 R5.xx_Build-109 R5.xx_Build-83 R5.xx_Build-84 R5.xx_Build-85 R5.xx_Build-86 R5.xx_Build-87 R5.xx_Build-88 R5.xx_Build-89 R5.xx_Build-90 R5.xx_Build-91 R5.xx_Build-92 R5.xx_Build-94 R5.xx_Build-96 R5.xx_Build-97 R5.xx_Build-98 R5.xx_Build-99 R8.xx_Build-100 R8.xx_Build-101 R8.xx_Build-109 R8.xx_Build-110 R8.xx_Build-80 R8.xx_Build-81 R8.xx_Build-82 R8.xx_Build-83 R8.xx_Build-84 R8.xx_Build-85 R8.xx_Build-86 R8.xx_Build-87 R8.xx_Build-89 R8.xx_Build-90 R8.xx_Build-91 R8.xx_Build-92 R8.xx_Build-93 R8.xx_Build-94 R8.xx_Build-95 R8.xx_Build-96 R8.xx_Build-97 R8.xx_Build-98 R8.xx_Build-99 ol_R5.SP3.02 ol_r8.a4.04 ol_r8.a4.05
2012-10-03 Arik Nemtsovandroid: wpa_s template: disassoc on low ack by default... R5.xx_Build-76 R5.xx_Build-77 R5.xx_Build-78 R5.xx_Build-79 R5.xx_Build-81 R5.xx_Build-82 R8.xx_Build-70 R8.xx_Build-71 R8.xx_Build-72 R8.xx_Build-73 R8.xx_Build-74 R8.xx_Build-76 R8.xx_Build-78 R8.xx_Build-79
2012-09-30 Eyal ShapiraP2P: block find if P2P GO or CLI are active (INTERNAL) R5.xx_Build-70 R5.xx_Build-71 R5.xx_Build-72 R8.xx_Build-67 R8.xx_Build-68 R8.xx_Build-69
2012-09-28 Vishal MahaveerRevisit "nl80211: dummy DRIVER SETBAND handler" R5.xx_Build-67 R8.xx_Build-65
2012-09-27 Victor Goldenshteinwpa_s: handle channel conflicts on GO+STA shared interface R5.xx_Build-65 R5.xx_Build-66 R8.xx_Build-64 ol_r8.a4.03
2012-09-25 Vishal Mahaveernl80211: dummy DRIVER SETBAND handler R5.xx_Build-62 R5.xx_Build-63 R5.xx_Build-64 R8.xx_Build-58 R8.xx_Build-59 R8.xx_Build-60 R8.xx_Build-61 R8.xx_Build-62 R8.xx_Build-63
2012-09-25 Arik NemtsovP2P: correct p2p_mult_chan operation (SQUASH)
2012-09-24 Arik Nemtsovandroid: wpa_s template: allow p2p multi channel operat... R5.xx_Build-61 R8.xx_Build-55 R8.xx_Build-56 R8.xx_Build-57
2012-09-24 Arik NemtsovP2P: add conf param to prefer p2p multi channel
2012-09-24 Arik NemtsovP2P: fix oper channel selection (SQUASH)
2012-09-24 Arik NemtsovP2P: don't handle concurrency conflicts in multi-chan...
2012-09-13 Arik Nemtsovnl80211_copy: update from latest 12xx drv (INTERNAL) R5.xx_Build-39 R5.xx_Build-40 R5.xx_Build-41 R5.xx_Build-46 R5.xx_Build-47 R5.xx_Build-48 R5.xx_Build-49 R5.xx_Build-50 R5.xx_Build-51 R5.xx_Build-52 R5.xx_Build-53 R5.xx_Build-56 R5.xx_Build-59 R5.xx_Build-60 R8.xx_Build-38 R8.xx_Build-39 R8.xx_Build-40 R8.xx_Build-41 R8.xx_Build-42 R8.xx_Build-43 R8.xx_Build-44 R8.xx_Build-45 R8.xx_Build-46 R8.xx_Build-48 R8.xx_Build-49 R8.xx_Build-50 R8.xx_Build-51 R8.xx_Build-52 R8.xx_Build-53 ol_R5.SP3.01
2012-09-13 Victor Goldenshteinnl80211: add channel switch ability to AP & GO (INTERNAL)
2012-09-13 Victor Goldenshteinhostap: add channel switch ability to AP & GO (INTERNAL)
2012-09-13 Victor Goldenshteinhostapd: implement channel switch request drv ops ...
2012-09-13 Eyal Shapiranl80211: make unicast RX filter always match STA iface... R8.xx_Build-37
2012-09-12 Eyal Shapiranl80211: reconfigure RX filters whenever a new interfac...
2012-09-12 Eyal Shapiranl80211: support configuring RX filters dynamically...
2012-09-12 Eyal Shapiranl80211: make rx filters config global (ANDROID)
2012-09-12 Eyal Shapiranl80211: Remove driver specific commands not used in... R5.xx_Build-36 R5.xx_Build-37 R8.xx_Build-36
2012-09-12 Eyal Shapiranl80211: Remove driver command DROPBCAST (ANDROID) R5.xx_Build-35 R8.xx_Build-35
2012-09-07 Jouni MalinenMake copies basic_rates list more useful R5.xx_Build-25 R5.xx_Build-26 R5.xx_Build-27 R5.xx_Build-28 R5.xx_Build-32 R5.xx_Build-34 R8.xx_Build-23 R8.xx_Build-24 R8.xx_Build-25 R8.xx_Build-27 R8.xx_Build-28 R8.xx_Build-32 R8.xx_Build-34 ol_r8.a4.02
2012-09-04 Arik NemtsovP2P: prefer operating channels where HT40 is possible R5.xx_Build-20 R5.xx_Build-22 R5.xx_Build-23 R5.xx_Build-24 R8.xx_Build-15 R8.xx_Build-16 R8.xx_Build-17 R8.xx_Build-18 R8.xx_Build-20 R8.xx_Build-21 R8.xx_Build-22
2012-09-04 Arik NemtsovP2P: always re-select oper channel if not hard coded
2012-09-04 Arik Nemtsovandroid: wpa_s template: allow HT40 GO by default ...
2012-09-04 Arik NemtsovP2P: add a conf parameter to start a GO as HT40 if...
2012-09-04 Jouni MalinenP2P: Use larger GO config timeout if HT40 is used R8.xx_Build-12 R8.xx_Build-13
2012-09-04 Rajkumar ManoharanP2P: Add optional "ht40" argument for p2p_connect
2012-09-04 Rajkumar ManoharanP2P: Enable 40 MHz support for autonomous P2P group...
2012-09-04 Rajkumar ManoharanP2P: Move channel validation into a separate function
2012-09-04 Yoni DivinskySupply the connection scan results to bgscan after...
2012-09-04 Arik NemtsovRevert "Supply the connection scan results to bgscan...
2012-09-04 Jouni MalinenRemove default ACM=1 from AC_VO and AC_VI
2012-09-04 Arik NemtsovAP: configure basic rates from iface and not conf
2012-08-15 Arik Nemtsovctrl_iface: allow forcing go_intent during p2p_connect... R5.xx_Build-10 R5.xx_Build-11 R5.xx_Build-12 R5.xx_Build-13 R5.xx_Build-14 R5.xx_Build-15 R5.xx_Build-16 R5.xx_Build-17 R5.xx_Build-19 R5.xx_Build-57 R5.xx_Build-58 R5.xx_Build-6 R5.xx_Build-7 R5.xx_Build-8 R5.xx_Build-9 R8.xx_Build-10 R8.xx_Build-2 R8.xx_Build-3 R8.xx_Build-4 R8.xx_Build-5 R8.xx_Build-6 R8.xx_Build-7 R8.xx_Build-8 R8.xx_Build-9 ol_r8.a3.14 ol_r8.a4.01
2012-08-13 Eyal ShapiraAdd P2P IEs to probe requests only when in P2P (UPSTREAM)
2012-08-13 Eyal ShapiraWPS: fix nonce comparisons (UPSTREAM)
2012-08-12 Eyal ShapiraFix adding extra ies in sched scan (UPSTREAM)
2012-08-12 Jouni MalinenP2P: Increase GO Negotiation timeouts
2012-08-09 Eyal ShapiraFix wpa_s crash and kickstart sched scan (INTERNAL-SQ) ol_r8.a3.13-jb
2012-08-08 William ListSME: Fix handle Netgear APs WEP shared quirks (UPSTREAM-SQ) ol_r8.a3.12-jb
2012-08-08 jim1_linWPS: Update dev.config_methods in wps_update_config
2012-08-08 Paul StewartFix a couple memory leaks
2012-08-08 Eyal Shapiraandroid: wpa_s template: set p2p_go_max_inactivity...
2012-08-08 Eyal ShapiraAdd p2p_go_max_inactivity config option (UPSTREAM)
2012-08-02 Arik Nemtsovandroid: wpa_s template: use group interface and set... ol_R5.SP2.04 ol_r8.a3.11_jb
2012-08-02 Arik Nemtsovwpa_s: support p2p concurrency modes when connecting P2P
2012-08-02 Arik Nemtsovwpa_s: support different p2p concurrency modes when...
2012-08-02 Eyal Shapiranl80211: avoid using another interface for P2P GO ...
2012-08-02 Eyal ShapiraInitialize P2P on p2p0 and not wlan0 (JB)
2012-08-02 Eyal ShapiraIncrease P2P_MAX_CLIENT_IDLE to 20 secs (BRCM)
2012-08-02 Eyal ShapiraHandle new interface parameter in ctrl commands (BRCM)
2012-08-02 Eyal ShapiraFix a crash in WPS PBC overlap (BRCM)
2012-08-02 Eyal ShapiraP2P: Avoid peer expiration while connection in progress...
2012-08-02 Eyal ShapiraP2P: Improve scan results handling (BRCM)
2012-08-02 Eyal ShapiraP2P: Start blocked p2p find even if scan was on another...
2012-08-02 Eyal ShapiraP2P: Defer p2p scan if scanning on other interfaces...
2012-08-02 Eyal ShapiraP2P: Decrease peer expiry time (BRCM)
2012-08-02 Eyal Shapiranl80211: add parameter to force multi channel concurren...
2012-08-02 Eyal Shapiranl80211: fix extending shared_freq detection to AP...
2012-08-02 Eyal ShapiraP2P: fix freq conflict resolution in case of P2P and STA
2012-08-02 Eyal ShapiraP2P: Resolve frequency conflicts between STA and P2P...
2012-08-02 Eyal ShapiraPrep work to configure a prioritized interface (BRCM)
2012-08-02 Dmitry Shmidtnl80211: Use native cfg80211 sta events (BRCM)
2012-08-02 Irfan SheriffFix p2p service discovery
2012-08-02 andy2_kuoFix null pointer access for SSID printing.
2012-08-02 Irfan SheriffFix SSID printing in events
2012-08-02 Irfan SheriffAdd SSID in supplicant change event