2018-01-23 Guy MisholUpdate SR PLT firmwares master
2017-12-24 Guy MisholUpdate SR and MR firmwares versions ol_R5.SP9.01
2015-02-26 Barak SchlosserAdding fix for cleating high duration byte in aggregati... ol_R5.SP8.01 ol_R5.SP8.01
2014-01-16 Barak SchlosserUpdate MR FW Fix the bug of Hard Coded TIM Element... ol_ old_master
2013-12-30 Barak Schlosser - Remove mDNS direct send to host without filtering...
2013-08-11 Eyal Reizerupdate firmwares: SR: X. ol_R5.SP6.01
2013-03-04 Eyal Reizerupdate firmwares: SR: X. MR: X. R5.xx_Build-246 R5.xx_Build-247 R5.xx_Build-248 R5.xx_Build-250 R5.xx_Build-251 R5.xx_Build-252 R5.xx_Build-253 R5.xx_Build-254 R5.xx_Build-255 R5.xx_Build-256 R5.xx_Build-259 R5.xx_Build-260 R5.xx_Build-261 R5.xx_Build-263 R5.xx_Build-264 R5.xx_Build-265 R5.xx_Build-266 R5.xx_Build-267 R5.xx_Build-268 R5.xx_Build-269 R5.xx_Build-270 R5.xx_Build-271 R5.xx_Build-272 R5.xx_Build-273 R5.xx_Build-274 R5.xx_Build-275 R5.xx_Build-276 R5.xx_Build-277 R5.xx_Build-278 R5.xx_Build-279 R5.xx_Build-280 R5.xx_Build-281 R5.xx_Build-282 R5.xx_Build-283 R5.xx_Build-284 R5.xx_Build-285 R5.xx_Build-286 R5.xx_Build-287 R5.xx_Build-288
2013-02-20 Igal Chernobelskyupdate firmwares: SR: X. MR: X. R5.xx_Build-231 R5.xx_Build-232 R5.xx_Build-234 R5.xx_Build-235 R5.xx_Build-236 R5.xx_Build-237 R5.xx_Build-241 R5.xx_Build-242 ol_R5.SP4.01
2012-11-08 Ido Reisupdate firmwares: SR: X. MR: X. R5.xx_Build-138 R5.xx_Build-139 R5.xx_Build-141 R5.xx_Build-142 R5.xx_Build-143 R5.xx_Build-144 R5.xx_Build-145 R5.xx_Build-146 R5.xx_Build-147 R5.xx_Build-148 R5.xx_Build-149 R5.xx_Build-150 R5.xx_Build-151 R5.xx_Build-152 R5.xx_Build-153 R5.xx_Build-154 R5.xx_Build-155 R5.xx_Build-156 R5.xx_Build-157 R5.xx_Build-158 R5.xx_Build-159 R5.xx_Build-160 R5.xx_Build-161 R5.xx_Build-162 R5.xx_Build-163 R5.xx_Build-164 R5.xx_Build-165 R5.xx_Build-166 R5.xx_Build-167 R5.xx_Build-168 R5.xx_Build-169 R5.xx_Build-170 R5.xx_Build-171 R5.xx_Build-172 R5.xx_Build-173 R5.xx_Build-174 R5.xx_Build-175 R5.xx_Build-182 R5.xx_Build-187 R5.xx_Build-188 R5.xx_Build-189 R5.xx_Build-190 R5.xx_Build-191 R5.xx_Build-192 R5.xx_Build-193 R5.xx_Build-194 R5.xx_Build-195 R5.xx_Build-196 R5.xx_Build-197 R5.xx_Build-198 R5.xx_Build-199 R5.xx_Build-200 R5.xx_Build-201 R5.xx_Build-202 R5.xx_Build-203 R5.xx_Build-204 R5.xx_Build-205 R5.xx_Build-206 R5.xx_Build-207 R5.xx_Build-209 R5.xx_Build-210 R5.xx_Build-211 R5.xx_Build-212 R5.xx_Build-213 R5.xx_Build-214 R5.xx_Build-215 R5.xx_Build-216 R5.xx_Build-217 R5.xx_Build-218 R5.xx_Build-219 R5.xx_Build-220 R5.xx_Build-221 R5.xx_Build-222 R5.xx_Build-223 R5.xx_Build-224 R5.xx_Build-225 R5.xx_Build-226 R5.xx_Build-227 R5.xx_Build-228 R5.xx_Build-229 R5.xx_Build-230 ol_R5.SP3.06
2012-10-30 Ido Reisupdate firmwares: SR: X. R5.xx_Build-124 R5.xx_Build-125 R5.xx_Build-126 R5.xx_Build-127 R5.xx_Build-128 R5.xx_Build-129 R5.xx_Build-130 R5.xx_Build-131 R5.xx_Build-132 R5.xx_Build-133 R5.xx_Build-134 R5.xx_Build-135 R5.xx_Build-136 R5.xx_Build-137 ol_R5.SP3.03 ol_R5.SP3.04 ol_R5.SP3.05
2012-10-30 Igal Chernobelskyupdate firmwares: MR: X. R5.xx_Build-123
2012-10-29 Ido Reisupdate firmwares: SR: X., MR: X. R5.xx_Build-120 R5.xx_Build-122
2012-10-25 Igal Chernobelskyupdate firmwares: single role: X. multi role... R5.xx_Build-113 R5.xx_Build-114 R5.xx_Build-115 R5.xx_Build-116 R5.xx_Build-119
2012-10-25 Ido Reislogproxy: increase ka interval to 30
2012-10-22 Igal Chernobelskywl_logproxy: update to the latest version R5.xx_Build-108 R5.xx_Build-109 R5.xx_Build-110
2012-10-21 Igal Chernobelskyupdate firmwares: single role: X. R5.xx_Build-101
2012-10-19 Assaf Azulay update firmwares: single role: X. multi... R5.xx_Build-100 R5.xx_Build-97 R5.xx_Build-98 R5.xx_Build-99
2012-09-28 Assaf Azulayupdate single role firmware to X. R5.xx_Build-67 R5.xx_Build-68 R5.xx_Build-70 R5.xx_Build-71 R5.xx_Build-72 R5.xx_Build-76 R5.xx_Build-77 R5.xx_Build-78 R5.xx_Build-79 R5.xx_Build-81 R5.xx_Build-82 R5.xx_Build-83 R5.xx_Build-84 R5.xx_Build-85 R5.xx_Build-86 R5.xx_Build-87 R5.xx_Build-88 R5.xx_Build-89 R5.xx_Build-90 R5.xx_Build-91 R5.xx_Build-92 R5.xx_Build-94 R5.xx_Build-96 ol_R5.SP3.02
2012-09-13 Assaf AzulayUpdate Firmware versions single role: X. R5.xx_Build-39 R5.xx_Build-40 R5.xx_Build-41 R5.xx_Build-46 R5.xx_Build-47 R5.xx_Build-48 R5.xx_Build-49 R5.xx_Build-50 R5.xx_Build-51 R5.xx_Build-52 R5.xx_Build-53 R5.xx_Build-56 R5.xx_Build-59 R5.xx_Build-60 R5.xx_Build-61 R5.xx_Build-62 R5.xx_Build-63 R5.xx_Build-64 R5.xx_Build-65 R5.xx_Build-66 ol_R5.SP3.01
2012-09-13 Igal Chernobelskywl_logproxy: updated to latest version
2012-09-13 Igal Chernobelskyupdate firmwares: single role X., multi role...
2012-08-28 Ido Reisupdate firmwares: single role X., multi role... R5.xx_Build-10 R5.xx_Build-11 R5.xx_Build-12 R5.xx_Build-13 R5.xx_Build-14 R5.xx_Build-15 R5.xx_Build-16 R5.xx_Build-17 R5.xx_Build-19 R5.xx_Build-20 R5.xx_Build-22 R5.xx_Build-23 R5.xx_Build-24 R5.xx_Build-25 R5.xx_Build-26 R5.xx_Build-27 R5.xx_Build-28 R5.xx_Build-32 R5.xx_Build-34 R5.xx_Build-35 R5.xx_Build-36 R5.xx_Build-37
2012-08-05 Ido Reisupdate firmwares: single role X., multi role... R5.xx_Build-57 R5.xx_Build-58 R5.xx_Build-6 R5.xx_Build-7 R5.xx_Build-8 R5.xx_Build-9 ol_R5.SP2.04
2012-08-01 Ido Reisupdate sr/mr/plt firmwares to X.
2012-07-26 Yair Shapirawl_logproxy: updated to latest version
2012-07-26 Ido Reislog proxy utility added
2012-07-25 Ido Reisupdate sr/mr firmware to X. ol_R5.SP2.03
2012-07-05 Assaf Azulayupdate single role firmware to X. ol_R5.00.20 r5.00.19-build_223 r5.00.19-build_224 r5.00.19-build_225 r5.00.19-build_226 r5.00.19-build_227 r5.00.19-build_228 r5.00.19-build_229 r5.00.19-build_230 r5.00.19-build_231 r5.00.19-build_232 r5.00.19-build_233 r5.00.19-build_234
2012-06-28 Assaf Azulaydate SP1 FW: SR X. MR X. ol_R5.00.19 r5.00.18-build_215 r5.00.19-build_216 r5.00.19-build_217 r5.00.19-build_218 r5.00.19-build_219 r5.00.19-build_220 r5.00.19-build_221 r5.00.19-build_222
2012-05-13 Assaf Azulayupdate single role firmware to version X. ol_R5.00.18 r5.00.18-build_196 r5.00.18-build_197 r5.00.18-build_199 r5.00.18-build_200 r5.00.18-build_201 r5.00.18-build_202 r5.00.18-build_203 r5.00.18-build_204 r5.00.18-build_205 r5.00.18-build_206 r5.00.18-build_207 r5.00.18-build_208 r5.00.18-build_209 r5.00.18-build_210 r5.00.18-build_211 r5.00.18-build_212 r5.00.18-build_213 r5.00.18-build_214 r5.00.18-build_216
2012-05-10 Assaf Azulayupdate single role firmware to version X. ol_R5.00.17
2012-05-07 Assaf Azulayupdate single role firmware to version X. r5.00.15-build_186 r5.00.15-build_187
2012-05-02 Assaf Azulayti-utils: update firmware versions: Single role X.3... ol_R5.00.16 r5.00.15-build_180 r5.00.15-build_181
2012-04-24 Igal ChernobelskySingle role firmware version X. ol_R5.00.15 r5.00.15-build_172 r5.00.15-build_173 r5.00.15-build_174 r5.00.15-build_175 r5.00.15-build_176 r5.00.15-build_177 r5.00.15-build_178 r5.00.15-build_179
2012-04-05 Assaf AzulaySingle role firmware to version X. and multi... ol_R5.00.14 r5.00.14-build_147 r5.00.14-build_148 r5.00.14-build_149 r5.00.14-build_150 r5.00.14-build_151 r5.00.14-build_152 r5.00.14-build_153 r5.00.14-build_154 r5.00.14-build_155 r5.00.14-build_156 r5.00.14-build_157 r5.00.14-build_158 r5.00.15-build_160 r5.00.15-build_161 r5.00.15-build_162 r5.00.15-build_163 r5.00.15-build_164 r5.00.15-build_165 r5.00.15-build_166 r5.00.15-build_167 r5.00.15-build_168 r5.00.15-build_170 r5.00.15-build_171
2012-03-12 Igal Chernobelskyupdate Firmware: Single role X. Multi Role... ol_R5.00.13 r5.00.13-build_139 r5.00.13-build_140 r5.00.13-build_141 r5.00.13-build_142 r5.00.13-build_143 r5.00.13-build_144
2012-03-06 Igal Chernobelskyupdate Firmware: Single role X. ILI ol_R5.00.12
2012-03-06 Igal Chernobelskyupdate Firmware: Single role X. Multi Role...
2012-03-01 Assaf Azulay update Firmware: Single role X. Multi Role... ol_R5.00.11
2012-02-27 Assaf Azulayupdate firmwares to: Single role X., Multi...
2012-02-17 Assaf Azulay updating single role firmwares to X. ol_R5.00.10
2012-02-08 Assaf Azulayupdate FW versions to : multi role : X. single... ol_R5.00.08
2012-01-29 Assaf Azulayupdate single role firmwares to X. ol_R5.00.07
2012-01-27 Assaf Azulay update firmware binaries to versions MR: X.
2012-01-27 Luciano Coelhofirmware: change firmware names to new convention
2012-01-23 Luciano Coelhocalibrator: add new MAC address options to autocalibrate
2012-01-23 Luciano Coelhocalibrator: move power on and off out of the plt_do_cal...
2012-01-23 Luciano Coelhocalibrator: don't generate random MAC addresses
2012-01-23 Luciano Coelhoplt: add an option to assign the default MAC address...
2012-01-23 Luciano Coelhocalibrator: add a warning if the second MAC address...
2012-01-23 Luciano Coelhoplt: add support to read the MAC from fuse and write...
2012-01-23 Luciano Coelhoplt: add support to read MAC address from the FUSE
2012-01-22 Assaf Azulay updating Fw 13 with some bugs fixes
2012-01-20 Assaf Azulayupdating multi role firmware to X. ol_R5.00.06
2012-01-18 Assaf Azulayupdate plt and ili for single role firmware
2012-01-16 Moshe Menachemupdate firmware: single role firmware v94 candidate
2012-01-16 Moshe Menachemmy commit message
2012-01-15 Pontus FuchsFW Logger: Update ili parser to skip Else token
2012-01-13 Pontus Fuchscalibrator: Fix mem leaks in rmmod
2012-01-13 Pontus FuchsRemove dual_mode from struct wl12xx_common
2012-01-09 Assaf Azulay update multirole FW for quattro and trio to X.5.2... ol_R5.00.05
2012-01-08 Assaf Azulay updating single role quattro firmware to
2011-12-29 Assaf Azulayupdate multi role quattro firmware to ol_R5.00.04
2011-12-26 Ido Reisics build as userdebug instead of eng ol_R5.00.03
2011-12-22 Ido Reishw binaries installed during build
2011-12-21 Ido Reisini files: updated ini and Android.mk
2011-12-15 Ido Reisili: added ili for R4.0.xx fw ol_R5.00.02
2011-12-15 Ido Reisics
2011-12-15 Ido Reiswl12xx-tool.sh removed
2011-12-13 Pontus FuchsUpdate README
2011-12-08 Ido ReisR4.0.xx fw files added
2011-12-08 Pontus FuchsRemove push_nvs and fetch_nvs commands
2011-12-08 Assaf Azulayupdated Firmware files and ili. ol_R5.00.01
2011-12-08 Ido Reisfirmware: LICENCE file updated
2011-12-07 Pontus FuchsFix tx_tone command parameters
2011-12-07 Pontus FuchsFix sanity check of FEM configuration
2011-12-07 Pontus FuchsPrint correct FEM info if autofem is off
2011-12-07 Pontus FuchsAllow hex values in rate parameter to tx_cont cmd
2011-12-06 Assaf Azulayupdate SR FW due to AP bug: SR-
2011-12-06 Assaf Azulayupdate FW to versions: MR- SR-
2011-11-28 Assaf Azulayupdating R5 FWs SR:X. MR:X. R5_01
2011-11-21 Assaf AzulayMerge branch 'master' of github.com:TI-OpenLink/ti...
2011-11-10 Ido Reisili: update to firmware x.
2011-11-10 Ido Reisfirmware: update to x.
2011-11-08 Ido Reisfirmware: ili file added for
2011-11-08 Ido Reisfirmware: update to x.
2011-11-01 Ido Reiswl12xx-tool.sh usage of busybox
2011-11-01 Ido Reisp2p fix in firmware
2011-10-23 Assaf Azulayupdating to MR FW version 5 and adding plt FW
2011-10-11 Pontus FuchsUse NVS data version 2.1 for automatic calibration
2011-10-11 Pontus FuchsRemove ref_nvs2 command and improve ref_nvs command
2011-10-11 Pontus FuchsIncrease compiler warning level for android
2011-10-11 Pontus FuchsImprove ini parser
2011-10-11 Pontus FuchsAdd FEM0 support on 5GHz band
2011-10-11 Pontus FuchsImprove set autofem and set fem_manuf commands
2011-10-11 Pontus FuchsAdd autocalibrate command
2011-10-11 Pontus FuchsAdd new command info_nvs to dump contents of an nvs...
2011-10-11 Pontus FuchsClean up and improve input/output filename param parsing
2011-10-11 Pontus FuchsFix compiler warnings
2011-10-03 Ido Reisadded R5 multirole fw for wl128x