descriptionWiLink6 and WiLink7 TI Driver repository - calibrator and other useful utilities for TI wireless solution, based on wl12xx driver.
last changeTue, 23 Jan 2018 10:59:24 +0000 (12:59 +0200)
2018-01-23 Guy MisholUpdate SR PLT firmwares master
2017-12-24 Guy MisholUpdate SR and MR firmwares versions ol_R5.SP9.01
2015-02-26 Barak SchlosserAdding fix for cleating high duration byte in aggregati... ol_R5.SP8.01 ol_R5.SP8.01
2014-01-16 Barak SchlosserUpdate MR FW Fix the bug of Hard Coded TIM Element... ol_ old_master
2013-12-30 Barak Schlosser - Remove mDNS direct send to host without filtering...
2013-08-11 Eyal Reizerupdate firmwares: SR: X. ol_R5.SP6.01
2013-03-04 Eyal Reizerupdate firmwares: SR: X. MR: X. R5.xx_Build-246 R5.xx_Build-247 R5.xx_Build-248 R5.xx_Build-250 R5.xx_Build-251 R5.xx_Build-252 R5.xx_Build-253 R5.xx_Build-254 R5.xx_Build-255 R5.xx_Build-256 R5.xx_Build-259 R5.xx_Build-260 R5.xx_Build-261 R5.xx_Build-263 R5.xx_Build-264 R5.xx_Build-265 R5.xx_Build-266 R5.xx_Build-267 R5.xx_Build-268 R5.xx_Build-269 R5.xx_Build-270 R5.xx_Build-271 R5.xx_Build-272 R5.xx_Build-273 R5.xx_Build-274 R5.xx_Build-275 R5.xx_Build-276 R5.xx_Build-277 R5.xx_Build-278 R5.xx_Build-279 R5.xx_Build-280 R5.xx_Build-281 R5.xx_Build-282 R5.xx_Build-283 R5.xx_Build-284 R5.xx_Build-285 R5.xx_Build-286 R5.xx_Build-287 R5.xx_Build-288
2013-02-20 Igal Chernobelskyupdate firmwares: SR: X. MR: X. R5.xx_Build-231 R5.xx_Build-232 R5.xx_Build-234 R5.xx_Build-235 R5.xx_Build-236 R5.xx_Build-237 R5.xx_Build-241 R5.xx_Build-242 ol_R5.SP4.01
2012-11-08 Ido Reisupdate firmwares: SR: X. MR: X. R5.xx_Build-138 R5.xx_Build-139 R5.xx_Build-141 R5.xx_Build-142 R5.xx_Build-143 R5.xx_Build-144 R5.xx_Build-145 R5.xx_Build-146 R5.xx_Build-147 R5.xx_Build-148 R5.xx_Build-149 R5.xx_Build-150 R5.xx_Build-151 R5.xx_Build-152 R5.xx_Build-153 R5.xx_Build-154 R5.xx_Build-155 R5.xx_Build-156 R5.xx_Build-157 R5.xx_Build-158 R5.xx_Build-159 R5.xx_Build-160 R5.xx_Build-161 R5.xx_Build-162 R5.xx_Build-163 R5.xx_Build-164 R5.xx_Build-165 R5.xx_Build-166 R5.xx_Build-167 R5.xx_Build-168 R5.xx_Build-169 R5.xx_Build-170 R5.xx_Build-171 R5.xx_Build-172 R5.xx_Build-173 R5.xx_Build-174 R5.xx_Build-175 R5.xx_Build-182 R5.xx_Build-187 R5.xx_Build-188 R5.xx_Build-189 R5.xx_Build-190 R5.xx_Build-191 R5.xx_Build-192 R5.xx_Build-193 R5.xx_Build-194 R5.xx_Build-195 R5.xx_Build-196 R5.xx_Build-197 R5.xx_Build-198 R5.xx_Build-199 R5.xx_Build-200 R5.xx_Build-201 R5.xx_Build-202 R5.xx_Build-203 R5.xx_Build-204 R5.xx_Build-205 R5.xx_Build-206 R5.xx_Build-207 R5.xx_Build-209 R5.xx_Build-210 R5.xx_Build-211 R5.xx_Build-212 R5.xx_Build-213 R5.xx_Build-214 R5.xx_Build-215 R5.xx_Build-216 R5.xx_Build-217 R5.xx_Build-218 R5.xx_Build-219 R5.xx_Build-220 R5.xx_Build-221 R5.xx_Build-222 R5.xx_Build-223 R5.xx_Build-224 R5.xx_Build-225 R5.xx_Build-226 R5.xx_Build-227 R5.xx_Build-228 R5.xx_Build-229 R5.xx_Build-230 ol_R5.SP3.06
2012-10-30 Ido Reisupdate firmwares: SR: X. R5.xx_Build-124 R5.xx_Build-125 R5.xx_Build-126 R5.xx_Build-127 R5.xx_Build-128 R5.xx_Build-129 R5.xx_Build-130 R5.xx_Build-131 R5.xx_Build-132 R5.xx_Build-133 R5.xx_Build-134 R5.xx_Build-135 R5.xx_Build-136 R5.xx_Build-137 ol_R5.SP3.03 ol_R5.SP3.04 ol_R5.SP3.05
2012-10-30 Igal Chernobelskyupdate firmwares: MR: X. R5.xx_Build-123
2012-10-29 Ido Reisupdate firmwares: SR: X., MR: X. R5.xx_Build-120 R5.xx_Build-122
2012-10-25 Igal Chernobelskyupdate firmwares: single role: X. multi role... R5.xx_Build-113 R5.xx_Build-114 R5.xx_Build-115 R5.xx_Build-116 R5.xx_Build-119
2012-10-25 Ido Reislogproxy: increase ka interval to 30
2012-10-22 Igal Chernobelskywl_logproxy: update to the latest version R5.xx_Build-108 R5.xx_Build-109 R5.xx_Build-110
2012-10-21 Igal Chernobelskyupdate firmwares: single role: X. R5.xx_Build-101
3 years ago ol_R5.SP9.01 ol_R5.SP9.01
6 years ago ol_R5.SP8.01
7 years ago ol_R5.SP7.01 ol_R5.SP7.01
7 years ago ol_R5.SP6.01 R5 SP6
8 years ago R5.xx_Build-288
8 years ago R5.xx_Build-287
8 years ago R5.xx_Build-286
8 years ago R5.xx_Build-285
8 years ago R5.xx_Build-284
8 years ago R5.xx_Build-283
8 years ago R5.xx_Build-282
8 years ago R5.xx_Build-281
8 years ago R5.xx_Build-280
8 years ago R5.xx_Build-279
8 years ago R5.xx_Build-278
8 years ago R5.xx_Build-277
3 years ago master
6 years ago ol_R5.SP8.01
7 years ago old_master
7 years ago ol_
7 years ago r5-jb
7 years ago mc_internal_39
8 years ago ics
9 years ago R4.0.xx