2015-06-05 Tony Cavefixed qs disconnect issue and changed broker connection... master
2015-04-21 Tony Cavefixed device leave/reset to FN issue
2015-04-21 Tony Cavefixed light device saturation bounds issue
2015-04-17 Tony Cavefixed regression in setting report interval
2015-04-10 Tony CaveAdded feature to remove the device from webserver when...
2015-04-02 Tony Cavefixed report interval issue
2015-03-16 Tony CaveTidied up web interface
2015-03-16 Tony CaveAdded ReadMe
2015-03-12 Tony Caveadded reconnect logic for gateway servers and mqtt...
2015-03-09 Tony Caveadded manifest
2015-03-09 Tony Caveinitial checkin